24th Anniversary of Michaela’s Kidnapping on Monday, November 19th

Anniversary 2011.

Monday is the 24th anniversary of the day Michaela was kidnapped. As we have been doing for years now, we will meet at the market where the kidnapping occurred, and tie yellow ribbons on a scrubby little tree that happens to grow right next to the parking space the kidnapper was parked in when he lured Michaela to his car.

The public is invited, but I just want you all to be aware that this is going to be a pretty low key event. It’s been a stressful season in my life, and on top of that I and most of my family members have been really sick this last week with a particularly bad stomach flu, so I just haven’t had much time or energy to prepare. But we will have extra ribbons there if you want to tie one on the tree for Michaela yourself. I usually try to remember to bring permanent markers so you can even write a message to her on the ribbons.

We do this at 10:00 in the morning, as the approximate time that Michaela was kidnapped is 10:15 a.m. The store is now called Mexico Super, and the address is 32575 Mission Boulevard in Hayward, California. The store is south of Fairway Park, across the street from Chapel of the Chimes Cemetery.

You do not need to attend in order to remember Michaela. You can tie a yellow ribbon wherever you are for Michaela. If you send me a photo, I usually post them on this blog and on facebook — so Michaela can see, if she is out there.

Such a long time, I never would have believed we would still be doing this 24 years later. But perhaps this time will be the last time.

Sorry I haven’t been writing much lately, or even answering all the comments. I just haven’t had the energy. But I appreciate your continued love and support for Michaela. Thank you.

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  1. Those synchronicities you had of Michaela, did you ever thought about writing a journal out of it? Maybe all those synchronicities you had of Michaela make up a bigger picture. If you write a journal, you may learn that there is more to those synchronicities than what you've experienced.


  2. Hi Sharon, I hope you and your family get well soon! Sadly I wont be able to make it on Monday, because of some medical appointments but will be there in spirit.Still hoping and praying Michaela comes walking up to you at the anniversary and gives you a big hug!Take care of yourself!~Rod R.


  3. Hi Sharon,The stress you are all under was bound to let you fall ill. I hope you are all able to have some quiet family time and rest on the holiday. My husband and I will be there Monday, rain or shine. It will be our first time.We hold out hope it will not be our last.


  4. My heart is aching for you Sharon. I too want this to be over for you. I feel so much pain for everyone who had their lives devistated by these men, whether Micheala encountered them or not, someones child did. I hope my presence, because I don't think I can leave that all at home, will not cause you more pain. I'll probably cry, and if that will set off those tears you have been choking back, wanting to hold back so you don't get stuffy, then I don't want to approach you. The last thing I would want to do is cause you any more pain. I cried when I picked out the ribbon, and actually I felt a bit better after. I hadn't cried in a long time. Lot of the same reasons you have. Oh no. There I go . Rambling on. I told my husband recently “I'm a rambler”. He replied, ” Oh no baby, you're a Ferrari”. Thankful for him. I couldn't get through these things without him.


  5. Hi Sharon. If I wasn't across the country from you I would definatley come, and you are in my prayers every night hoping michalea is out there alive somewhere.


  6. I have a difficult time trying to not think about Michaela and what is must be like for you, dealing with this for so many years. The hollow pit in my stomach when I consider what it must be like to lose a child is almost more than I can take at times. I cannot fathom how you’ve survived… I imagine your strength has come mostly from having to care for and be a mother to your other children. You have written about your struggle becoming pregnant with Michaela and about her premature birth and illness and even discovering that Black Widow. You wrote that it’s almost as if Michaela were hesitant to come into this world. But she did. Her birth, her existence, your relationship, your connection is more meaningful than any of can understand. You met her for a reason. The topic you’ve written about before, about the possibility of a spiritual reality and Michaela perhaps having some sort of insight makes sense to me. The poem she wrote, her note… There has to be a point where things like this are no longer considered coincidence. I know you will reunite with her someday. How could you not? Your bond is too powerful. I’m so sorry that you have to go through this….AM


  7. Dear Sharon,It just breaks my heart that you have went through this grief for 24 years now. You must be a very strong woman! 🙂 I never knew Michaela, but I think about her nearly everyday. I have been praying for Michaela, you, and your family. Unfortunetly, I can't make it on Monday because I live a few states away in Washington. But I will indeed tie a yellow ribbon somewhere! I really hope she does get found soon. And if she does get found, this will definitely hit people harder than it did with the Jaycee Dugard case!Another thing: I know this is way off topic but, have you ever seen the movie Gardens Of The Night? It is a movie about a little girl who is kidnapped and brainwashed who finds love and eventually comes home.I wish you the best Sharon!God Bless! <3-Nicole


  8. We will be thinking of you all Monday. Thinking of how wonderful your daughter is and of the day you get to see her again. I wish the best for your family. Have ribbons ready here at fort lewis wa for Michaela. Wish i could be there with you to give you a big gug.


  9. We will be thinking of you all monday of how awesome Michaela is. I can't wait for the day you get answers you deserve and that day you get to see and hold your daughter again. If I had one wish I could make and it was guarenteed to come true that wish is that Michaela was never taken. I wish that daily. I am going today to get yellow ribbons so we can celebrate Michaela here from Fort Lewis WA. I wish I could be there to give you a big hug. Hope you feel better from being sick soon.


  10. Gardens of the night was on Netflix I recommended it a few months ago for you too…it's a good movie and it did remind me of your story even though no one knows the ending.


  11. Though Gardens of the night is a well done movie, and puts a spotlight on sex trafficking…..a well needed light….. its a rough movie to watch. I dont know if I would personally recommend you watching it, especially any time soon. It does show the family being reunited at the end, but it is a very long and hard road till that point in the movie. Tom Arnold did such a great job acting in the movie, I personally wanted to beat him to death 20 minutes into it. The one thing the movie does is shows the inner workings of sex trafficking, and how we need to do all we can to stop it, and the damage it does.~ Rod R.


  12. I'll be hanging ribbons In all of my veggie plants as well as my front door. Any updates on the testing of the bone fragment? Imagine the test come back to you on Monday November 19, 2012, at exactly 10:15.


  13. Sharon, Please do NOT watch Gardens of the Night. I cannot believe someone would actually tell you to watch it. It is very graphic and to tell you the truth, very difficult to watch. For the parent of a missing child it would be devastating.


  14. The family was reunited but the girl (Leslie) is so messed up from years of abuse that she does not stay with the parents. Very sad ending.


  15. Sharon, I know these anniversaries must be both a curse and a blessing–the blessing being all who still care and think of Michaela daily and,on this date especially. I am so sorry for the pain you continue to go through, remembering every moment of that day 24 years ago. I also remember so many details of that day; I know it was my doctor's birthday, there was a recipe for English Toffee in the paper that I still make every holiday season (and I always think of Michaela when I make a batch), my husband taking our baby daughter out to buy shoes. Just a normal day, until it wasn't.Because I also share her name and looked a lot like her when I was 10, I feel such a connection. I will be tying a large yellow ribbon around my favorite Blue Spruce tree. I send you prayers, thoughts and hugs today.


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