It’s always about Michaela, somehow

Well, you may or may not know, but I actually have several blogs at this point. This is because I like to confuse myself, and also anybody else who cares. No, actually it is probably because I figure some people don’t want to hear about some things, so I divide myself up. I don’t know. I have tried to integrate these blogs with pages on the other blogs, but not sure I’ve been terribly successful so far.

I wrote a post on one of my other blogs this morning. I wrote it there and not here because it started out being about some reading I had been, and about religion. But somehow or another, the whole thing really ended up being centered around Michaela. Not surprising, I guess.

Anyway, if you are interested, here is a link to the blog:

And Michaela, this is just another way of telling you, I love you forever. However long you have been gone, you are still at the center of my life, at the center of my heart.


13 thoughts on “It’s always about Michaela, somehow

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  1. What sex Is most likely the bone, Male or Female has It been determined? If the bone doesn't match Michaela will It be tested If it belongs to other missing children such as Amber Swartz-Garcia, Andrew Collins, Ilene Misheloff, or Nikki Campbell.


  2. Hi Sharon – I just read an article about Shermantine and there was a reference to Michaela. I was wondering what Trina says when she sees pictures of Loren Herzog from the time Michaela was kidnapped. Does she think that he may be the same man she saw that day?


  3. Hi sharon.I am praying for the best outcome for your family…Do you know if there is a chance this bone could belong to any other victims from that time, I am thinking mostly of Ilene Misheloff?karen


  4. I guess I personally experience them frequently. Most are small things, or personal things. It's like a string of pearls running through my life, looping back on itself. I could probably write an entire book on it. But I'm not sure most of it would make sense to most people.


  5. Maybe you should, but not to be published, but rather as a journal. If you did that, you may learn more about their meanings.


  6. I think we all somehow feel close to Michaela. I know I do. And I've never met her. I live hundreds of miles away from where she grew up but I don't think that matters. I feel like I've known her forever from the posts here on Sharons blog,from seeing her pictures,hearing about her personal signatures like wearing mismatched socks. She and I are about the same age and I sometimes think “what if that had been me”…now,as a mother,I think about my daughters and relate minutely to Sharon. And as the 19th gets closer Michaela is ever so present in my heart and prayers.


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