Update on investigation

Well, I talked to the investigators today, and got an update on the testing process. The bottom line is that it will take another four to six weeks to get an answer. There were a few snags in the procedure, just had to do with timing of things in the world. It was nobody’s fault, and I want to assure you that the Hayward Police Department has been excellent. They have been very caring and respectful, and they are going above and beyond to do the best job possible.

The bone is still in Arizona, and apparently there are just a few procedures before it will be sent on to Virginia. When you get right down to it, it has probably been safer in Arizona over the last few days.

I am okay. The delay is okay. Everything happens in its time, and I still need a little time I think.

But anyway, I guess this means we will be once again gathering on the anniversary of Michaela’s kidnapping. Perhaps it will be the last gathering of this sort. Perhaps it won’t. But we will be meeting at the market where Michaela was kidnapped, on the date and at the time she was kidnapped. That is November 19th, which is a Monday this year. I know that’s inconvenient and many can’t come because of it, but it has always been on the day, at the time, at the place, of the kidnapping, and that’s how it falls this year. More details later.


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  1. Honestly, I don't know why they would keep info like this from you. After all, you are her mother. They should tell you whatever you want to know.


  2. They don't keep it from me. I do not feel a need to know every little detail of every little bit of the investigation, and half of what I'm told I just brush off because it isn't my job and it isn't within my ability to solve this case. If this bone turns out to be Michaela then we will know that Herzog kidnapped her. Other than that, we don't even know what kind of car the kidnapper was driving so anything based on that is pure speculation.


  3. Sharon, I hope and pray like everyone else that the bone does not belong to Michaela. I had a thought though. I read that some personal items had been found in the well with the remains. If the investigators did not find anything that belonged to Michaela maybe that is a good sign. I know I read that she was wearing earrings at the time. Clothing may decay but shoes or jewelry might still be present. I hope this eases your mind some. Wish I could attend on the 19th but I live too far away. I will be thinking of you and your family. (and of course Michaela)


  4. The earrings she had were very thin plastic material. They probably would have deteriorated before anything else! I don't know that our investigators have been able to do an accounting of what may have been found in the well.


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