This video was created by one of my readers. She put the link in a comment on the previous blog, but it was so beautiful I wanted to give it its own blog. The song playing is called “Home,” which was written by and is performed by my son, Robbie, Michaela’s baby brother. He was eight months at the time she was kidnapped. The song is about long distance relationships, but while all the words don’t apply, I have certainly listened to it and thought of Michaela. “Home” … four little letters, such a big word, so full of meaning. Michaela, this is all I want, for you to come home. Love you, mom

3 thoughts on “Home

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  1. I actully cried a little watching this video. I loved how the butterflies flew throughout the video. Pictures from home and brother singing about home, very touching. Thank you for sharing this with us.


  2. Michaela's brother is very talented. What a beautiful video. Thank you to the person who made it and many thanks to you Sharon for sharing it with us. -Kim


  3. Such a lovely video..The butterflies seem to make me think that Michaela's beautiful soul will always be fluttering around for the world to see her beautiful spirit. Sharon, thank you for sharing this video with your readers. ~ AJ


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