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I have discovered that it is possible on Blogspot to have a number of static pages as well as a blog. This is very exciting because it opens up the possibility of making all sorts of information easily accessible. Because it was mentioned recently, I have now added a page titled “The Kidnapping,” which contains all the details of Michaela’s kidnapping. If there is anything else you’d like to see in this format, please let me know.

Thanks everybody.

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  1. Thanks some of my questions are answered. Can you tell us about previous publicized suspects and possible connections to other abductions, UAE.


  2. Jose, I will think about it. I'm a little reluctant to, because I don't want to hurt the investigation. I say things in passing, but a permanently standing page is more definitive. But I'll give it some thought. Thanks.


  3. It is under construction but I have been having trouble with the link back pages. I finally got the other blog to link to this one, but haven't got that one to link to here. Still working on it. Thanks.


  4. Hi Sharon, I've been reading your astrology blog and am so fascinated with it. Do you plan to write more on the subject? I hope so! Have a great day! 🙂


  5. I probably will. I never got around to looking at the other suspects, and I'd have to get their birth data again. It's really mentally exhausting work, though, to do an astrological analysis. The Just Sharon tab is going to be to a personal blog and website, and I will probably write incidentally on astrology there.


  6. As soon as I finished reading your Astrology Blog the first thing I thought was “Damn that must be exhausting to do that!” But it was really interesting, and I too look forward to more of them!~ Rod


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