With love from Libby, and me

Michaela, Libby recently sent me this song with the message “Michaela ♥ — What do you think momma?”  Libby does this sort of thing often. You are always on her mind, always in her heart, Michaela. 

The song is obviously about a romantic relationship, and yet there is so much in here that does echo our feelings for you. I do actually leave the kitchen light on whenever there is a family member who has not come home yet … which means that it is on every night, all night, because you have not come home.

There are a few lines in this song that say:

Now they say I’m wasting my time
‘Cause you’re never coming home
But they used to say the world was flat
But how wrong was that now

So maybe you will, Michaela, or maybe you won’t. If you are not alive, it does not hurt me to keep reaching out to you, to keep looking for you. If you are alive somewhere, I can’t think of a greater tragedy than for you to think that you have been forgotten, that you are no longer loved or wanted. Those things could never, ever be true.

I know it  might be hard to believe, but if you do come home, Michaela, it really will be like you never left. 

Love you forever,

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