Today’s Search for Michaela’s Remains

This morning a canine search was conducted, looking for Michaela’s remains. This was in response to a lead that was called in several months ago. At that time, the canine search team handlers said that the conditions were not good for searching, and that we needed to wait until after there had been a few good rains. So I’ve been waiting a pretty long while now for this search … since before the hoopla about Herzog, since before the lead came in about the United Arab Emirates. And you know, I kept thinking that just possibly all the emotional energy being poured into these other leads might have not even have been necessary. Michaela might have been lying there, not so terribly far away, for all this time. It was a question that needed to be answered.

Early this morning, it started raining here, in torrents, and the wind was crazy. It was like a mini hurricane. I texted our detective, asking if the search was still scheduled for today, and he said they were already out there. I remembered how, in the days after Michaela was kidnapped, we’d had horrible rain storms, and how I  had thought that it was the angels, weeping violently over what had happened to Michaela. I thought this morning, if she was to be found, how appropriate it would be for the heavens to be weeping once again. I wondered also how those dogs could work in this weather. It’s not the scent. I know I’ve read in a few novels about missing kids how the scent was washed away by rain, but from what I learned years ago, rain actually makes it easier for the dogs to catch a scent. But it was so stormy, my own dogs were cowering at the back door, not wanting to go out to go potty, and these searc h dogs, and their handlers, and our investigators, were out there braving quite a storm for apparently a good long journey through the mud and muck. My respect and my thanks go to all of them.

The search dogs didn’t alert on anything, but as our investigator, Rob Lampkin, said, it was like looking for a needle in a haystack. The world is so large! Even a single piece of property is huge when you are looking for one little girl who could have been buried there. Rob said the caller provided some specific information, but that we really needed more specific information. Because the person who gave this information called anonymously from a location that couldn’t be traced, he was thinking perhaps he would need to put out a press release, asking for the person who had called before to call again with more specific information. So of course, I volunteered to put that request out on my blog. I have held this information back for a few months, because I didn’t want anybody getting spooked and running out to dig up evidence. We’ve seen the possibility of that having happened in the past. For that reason, even now, I’m not going to say what area it is in.

Whoever called this lead in cut off the conversation at one point, saying, “Look, I’ve done what I can. I’ve tried to help.” Or something along those lines. And I do appreciate that the caller was trying to help, and I am very thankful just for your desire to do that. I’m asking though that you please call in again, and help us figure out exactly where to look.

If you want to know if I think this is a good lead, if there is much likelihood of it being true, I do think it is. It’s honestly probably a lot more likely to be true than it is for Michaela to be in the UAE. But probably isn’t the same as positively. If Michaela lies buried somewhere, then she’s moved on from that location long ago. Finding her could bring answers, a resolution. It could stop the torture over worrying where she is and whether she is suffering right now. But it wouldn’t do anything for Michaela herself. On the other hand, if she is alive, if she is in the UAE or being held prisoner in someone’s back yard, then she needs us right now. We need to find her as quickly as possible so that she doesn’t need to suffer a minute longer.

What do I want? I want for my daughter to be at peace, to be happy. I think that any real possibility of that vanished on November 19, 1988. It’s the lesser of two evils, and there have been those times I have thought she might be better off if she had left the suffering behind. But where there is life, there is hope, and I am going to stand here and hold that candle of hope as high as I can and as long as I can, until someone proves to me that it’s time to set it down.

And quite honestly, if that should happen, if that day should ever come, I will find a new reason to light a new flame, and one way or another, my hope for Michaela will continue to shine in the deepest darkness that this life can throw my way. That is my gift to Michaela, and it is Michaela’s gift to the world.

I love you, baby girl, forever.

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  1. oh thats ok and I read them but I was confused where it was at, and considering that herzog is like, the biggest suspect in michaelas case and it would make sense, haha so yeah im sorry 2 for my mistake 🙂


  2. I guess that is part of my frustration, though, because Herzog is not the biggest suspect in Michaela's case. He is a minor suspect in Michaela's case, and we have about five really strong suspects. We have a lot of information, but if it hasn't been in the media, people don't think it exists. Michaela's case is strong and active.


  3. well a lot of ppl point him out when talking about michaelas case and it would only make sense…… well whatever then from my understanding shermantine and herzog seem to be huge right now. who are the other suspects?


  4. That's only because his name is in the media, and the media is very sensationalistic believe me. As I've said before, as much as I'd like to share information about Michaela's case with my readers, I do not do that unless the police department has asked me to or given me permission because I don't want to compromise the investigation or a possible case against a kidnapper.


  5. i see. and I also have another theory of what happened, so u said that Philip and nancy garrido were eliminated in michaelas case, and Phillip had a similar description to the kidnapper, maybe HE kidnapped her and handed her off to someone else, and sure, they took lie detector tests, but they aren't always accurate.


  6. Well, this is the thing Thomas. People keep speculating about the people and leads they have heard of in the media, and it just is not necessary. Nobody knows what is going on in the investigation, because we don't write about it, don't talk about it, don't do news stories about it. It just is not necessary to rehash Garrido or any of the other leads that have been publicly well known over the years (and there have been a number of those in the last 23 years, besides the ones you know about). As much as I appreciate everybody's desire to play amateur detective and try to solve the case because I know it is from their desire to help, it just is not possible, because the details of the actual case are not known to the public. If people knew them, they would not be asking about Garrido and Herzog all the time, but I cannot reveal the details, so all I can do is tell people we do have a case and an investigation. In this blog, I am trying to reach out to Michaela personally in case she is still alive, and I am trying to keep her alive in this world, because she is a bright and shining gift and I want to keep that light burning. I have asked for a few specific things in the way of help, to try to distribute this blog around the world, into other countries and especially around the Persian Gulf and the UAE, because of leads we have received about that, and to reach out to one particular person who called in a lead maybe four to six months ago, to call back to the police department so we can get more information. Thanks.


  7. I completely understand, but michaela might be right out in the open waiting to be found! ever since I was born to when I was 15 I lived on sante fe ave right next to Phillips and Nancy's street and I would pass his house and he'd be talking all religiously and telling us that Jaycee was his daughter, and I can't believe I missed every opportunity to save her! if I knew everything that I know today, i could've helped save her. all I'm saying is that michaela might be right out in the open, being known as her kidnappers daughter by another name, just at the verge of being found. there probably were many missed opportunities of finding her, and if my son can be found after almost 2 months, and Jaycee can be after 18 YEARS, michaela is probably still alive out there somewhere waiting to be found. and we're all just trying to give thoughts on which we believe can be vital to finding her, you know, the kidnapper might've been wearing a disguise, he could've gotten the license plate from a discontinued car in the dump, all I'm saying is that we all could be missing the biggest clue there is. and we don't mean to stress you out, but we're trying to help you.


  8. I wish I was there to help for me I would personally look in all the pick a parts to see if I could find an old rusted out tan boat ( the car)… Oh well I know that's useless for you to know but we all want her found!I guess this is just strange to ask but if she is alive and reading these and for some reason became a junkie or went forcibly into the bowels of the porn industry and is to jaded to care anymore about coming home what would you say to her?


  9. I would tell her what I have told her a hundred times here on this blog — that there is nothing that could have happened to her, nothing she could have done, that would change my love for her, that there is nothing that cannot be healed, that her family is waiting for her, loving her forever, and she is always welcome and needs to come home.


  10. I couldn't help but read the last few posts, and as always, Sharon, your love for your daughter is heart warming. How can she not come home to love like that? All the best to you and Michaela. She WILL come home.


  11. Thanks. It veers off track sometimes, but that is what this blog is supposed to be about. It's not really about the investigation, or the leads, or guessing whodunit. This blog exists as a means for me to express my love for my daughter, and to express my daughter's gift of love to the world.


  12. I know Herzog is the flavor of the month, but just a year ago it was Garrido, and before that a Guy named Binder. I also remember a video link that was on here where the police went and searched a guys house that I still don't remember the name of, and hasn't received anywhere near the media attention the rest have. I understand that there are suspects we don't know about and I am fine with that…I'm not a detective and wouldn't know what to do with the info anyway……as long as it leads to Michaela's return and qualified people are taking care of it…..let me just stay out of the way! I don't need to know every little detail. I come here to read the latest updates because I care about Michaela being found, and I am a fan of Sharon's writing. This case has stuck in my head, and was in bedded in my heart ever since the moment it happened, and I watched the news coverage holding my young daughter…..who I believe is a friend of your Son Robbie. Herzog looks like the drawing of the kidnapper…..but so do most heavy metal guitar players, and I believe his palm print didn't match the one on the scooter. Shermantine is a scum bag but he has been telling the truth about burial spots and even he said Herzog didn't have anything to do with this case. And he blames EVERYTHING on Herzog.God Bless you Sharon and Michaela!~ Rod


  13. Hi Michaela, I'm sure you'll find it.I am Brazilian and I saw your blog today and had a pain in my heart. I have EVEN sure you will find it.With love. William


  14. Stay strong you brave womanThis man is tightening his noose the more he remains silent . The truth will come out , he took a young girl full of potential away . He must answer here or to the one who knows all . He won't be forgiving for all the pain this monster has caused. With modern technology and leads still pouring in , the truth will come out


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