Just unloading a little ….

Well, today was a very long, hard day at work, and who knows? That might be part of it. But I came home and walked into the house and was just overwhelmed with a feeling of overwhelming sadness, that sensation I have described before as like having a sack of wet cement poured into me, flowing down my spine, settling in my chest. Honestly, I just want to lie on the couch and cry, but I already asked my daughter if that would alarm her and she said it would. I just don’t really know what to do with myself.

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  1. Sharon, My son went MIA during the Vietnam War. I realize it is not the same thing as what happen with your daughter. Nonetheless all these years later I still scan faces when I am the market or at the hospital visiting a sick friend. Every time a stranger comes to the door who turns out to be selling whatever it is this week or unafamiler number comes up on my caller id, My heart still sinks and I wonder if it is someone calling with information about my son. At 69 years of age, I can tell you we all have days when we NEED to lay down on the couch and have a good cry. Some days it can all just be to much and we need the release. Your human if you need a good cry its okay to allow yourself to have one. There is NOTHING alarming about it. Do what you need to, to take care of yourself. If that means having a good cry then have one.


  2. Oh Pearl, I know our children didn't have the exact same fates in the exact same circumstances, but they are very much the same. My other children are all young adults now, and they are still the same in my heart as when they were small, and that is probably why seeing stories of missing adults always really touches my heart. Well, actually, if Michaela is still alive, she is a missing adult at this time.I am so sorry for your loss, Pearl, and all the unanswered questions about what may have happened to your child. Thank you for writing, and for sharing your sorrow with me. (<3)


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