Dear Michaela … another song for you

Sometimes I fall silent here, I know. There are those times when I just get really bone weary, too much so for words. And there are times when I have to keep quiet for other reasons. But Michaela, in the deepest depths of darkness, silence, and cold, I never, ever forget you. You are always in my heart, and always on my mind.

The traffic on the main streets that I have to travel to get home from work has been so terrible lately, I’ve been taking the back streets, so every day I drive through the neighborhood we lived in when you were born. I pass the turn we took when bringing you home from the hospital for the first time. There is so much I just don’t understand. I do not understand how it is even possible that someone could have come and stolen you away, away from me, and away from the life you were meant to live. You were never meant to suffer the way you have. You were meant to live a life in peace and safety, surrounded by love. Your face was meant to wear a smile, and your eyes to shine with joy, not tears. If you read these letters, Michaela, that is what I want you to know.

Someone sent me this video this morning to dedicate to you. I love you forever, Michaela. Please hear me. Please come home.

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  1. I have wondered the same thing. How does a child just go missing with no trace to be found. She wasn't kidnapped in the dark or an alley it was broad daylight with people around. It really is scary. I keep a way closer eye on my kids than I used to it seems like you can't go a day without reading something about child abuse or worse. I often wondered how when he was pulling out of the parking lot that he never crashed into someone or something or no one caught this eraddic driver on the road or those helicopters that follow you but I guess they didn't have all that quick response stuff they do now which sucks. She should have been found there were enough people there to see it. I mean no one would see this kid screaming out the window of a car or even in the car?! Makes me so mad. We are only a year apart in age so I guess in some way I relate to her childhood wise. I just hope they find her soon it's time!


  2. Actually there was at least one person who saw the car driving erratically down the road, so much so that she thought he was going to cause and accident and so she looked at his license place number and tried to remember it. Later she saw the news and realized what it was she had actually witnessed, and it scared her because she thought maybe the man had seen HER and might come after her. Because of that she didn't call with the information she had, because the very remote possibility of danger to her outweighed the certain horror my daughter was facing.Three months later she saw a man who looked like the kidnapper in a grocery store, and she was afraid he might have recognized her, and at that time she called me and told me about what she'd seen, but by then either it was too late for her to recall the license place number, or she decided not to. And yes, it makes me angry.


  3. Sharon,Your words, your emotions always touch me. This song also deeply touched me. What person with a loved one missing hasn't done just that talked to the moon that is? I know I did.Maureen


  4. We love you, Sharon and Michaela! Keep fighting for her, Sharon. No matter where she is or how far away you may be physically, you are always together in each other's minds and hearts. I'm sure that nothing could ever break the bond you two have!Love, Maddy ❤


  5. I think about Michaela often. She is in so many hearts, on so many minds. I know you must get weary and long to hold your daughter. You are such a soldier mom, always vigilant. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings.


  6. Dear SharonI am dumfounded by the comment regarding the witness above. I appreciate that you might be worried for your own safety, and perhaps that of your own kids, when faced with a monster like this. But who in their right minds would not want to do all they could to save an innocent child? I simply cannot understand why this woman, after memorising the numberplate, did not go to the police immediately after learning about Michaela's kidnapping. How she sleeps at night I have no idea.Sending love from EnglandAlison


  7. That is unbelievable that somebody would withold that kind of information. How selfish some people are in this world.Sending love and hope always.Jen


  8. Dear Sharon,You are a very strong woman and i can feel it in my heart that Michaela will be found this year. Sharon stay strong and think positive! Michaela, you, and your family are always in my prayers! Bless you and Your family! ~When somethin bad happens, you have 3 choices, you can either let it define you, let it destroy you, or let it strengthen you.~ This is definetly something that has made you stronger. stay strong sharon! you are an inspriration to many out there! ❤


  9. Dear Sharon,I have thought about Michaela for years. I was a childhood friend and I will never forget her. I was almost 11 yrs old when I found out what took place. My heart jumped into my throat. I was so afraid for her….for you and your family. I cried that night. She was a special little girl and she was my friend. Now that I have children of my own, (2 boys) I can't help but think about Michaela now, and how her friendship touched me back then. We used to talk about getting married, having kids and what we would do when we grew up. It seemed so silly to think of such things back then, but I remember it so vividly. I will never forget the way she giggled or the way she was always so polite & well-mannered. You may not remember me, but My name is Michael. My father is Robert. My mother is Rena. My heart goes out to you and your family. It always has. I am so glad to be able to share this with you, but I had no way to do it before now. For that, I am so very sorry. Just know that, even today 26 yrs later, that I still miss her as much as I did the day I left California in 1986.


  10. Michael, of course I remember you. I remember you and your brother Philip lying on the floor in clean white tee-shirts after your baths and before bedtime, and your mom's great spaghetti! You were an adorable little boy, and I'm not surprised if Michaela talked about marrying you. I'm glad to hear you are doing well, and I know you will take good care of those kids.I really appreciate you sharing your memories of her, Michael. With so much sorrow associated with Michaela for so long, I can't tell you how much it means to have someone remind me of her giggle. Thank you. ❤


  11. It is really not thought by our investigators, or by me, to have anything to do with Michaela, so I have not been following it myself. If they should happen to find anything there related to Michaela, they will tell me, and in the meantime I have so many things to worry about already with this case that I just haven't had the energy for more.


  12. Sharon, I have faith that a heavenly power has taken care of little Michaela and protected her from all the terrible things that our minds can think of. Everyday I pray for a miracle that will bring you together again. Love ,Radhika


  13. Sharon,You've got so many posts on your blog with all of us saying how inspiring you are as a mother and person, please don't let a few negative posts get to you, the positives greatly outnumber them!I don't see how ANYONE can accuse you of a fairy tale ending hope, as a mother myself, I would do the same thing! I watched a two hour segment on America's Most Wanted on human trafficking, and let me tell you, when people hear that term, they think “Third World Countries.” So much of it starts here! I was amazed at how many women and teens all ages get lured into this trap! And how many children are taken, not only for human trafficking, but for the underground adoption market, and when that happens, usually these children do not stay in the US, but instead are taken to other countries. I was baffled after watching that episode. SO much of this has been going on for decades, and you never hear about it, it's like one of the many big secrets of America, these underground trade rings. Usually if a child is taken by a complete stranger (who has not been stalking the child, and this is just my opinion), it can suggest the adoption market situation.Never let anything bring you down, I will stand by you on the search for her 100% for her safe return, I feel she could be alive, possibly adopted out to someone who wanted kids of their own to love, and she is absolutely beautiful, so this scenario makes sense, and until I am proven wrong, this is what I will believe. I feel like this public information about Shermantine has cast a negative shadow on the search for her, and until we have proof, we have to go on with the search of her safe return, other wise how can we help her?I think circulating posters of her in different languages in different countries is an excellent idea.I truly admire you Sharon, you are a strong woman, you have kept her story alive, you are inspiration for anyone who has a missing loved one, they look to you!!!!Love,Janessa


  14. Hello, it angers me so much it hurts my stomach everytime I hear of a witness that could have prevented a tragedy and chose not to!! Like neighbors who are witness to child abuse going on in a home and choose not to get involved because they are “scared”, and those things lead up to a child dying. I dont know how those people manage to live with themselves after something they could have prevented turns into a tragedy, or like in Michaelas case, it`s just too damn late! If we see a child suffering it is OUR JOB as adults to be a voice for that child!!Is there any legal punishment for people who keep quiet?? If there isn´t there should be!


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