Age Progression 2012

Age Progression, Michaela age 33.
Remember, this is an age progression, a guess, and not a photograph.
Michaela’s hair may be darker by now. She would be on the tall side.
(Her sister is 5’7″ and her brothers are 6’1″ and 6’3″.)
She would probably need vision correction, meaning she
would wear glasses or contacts, or just not see as well as she should.

You probably know that over the years I have opposed the use of age progressions, because I didn’t think they were reliable enough. I don’t know how reliable this one is either, but it appears to be better than others I’ve seen — there is enough of a family resemblance that it could be helpful in finding her. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children is preparing flyers to be sent to the consulates in an area abroad, and it will probably not be helpful to be looking for a nine-year old child at this point.

You have probably noticed some changes in this blog also. Although the old name will continue to work, and the old url will as well, I have designated a new domain name for the blog,  I wanted to do this to make it easier to get out through a newspaper article or television news program, and to make it easier to remember.

We have been investigating the leads I told you about and haven’t gotten a lot of cooperation, so in the next couple of days I’m going to make this information public, so check back here.

Thank you all so much for  your help, and Michaela, wherever you are, I love you.

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  1. Chloe, I agree completely. I don't think age progressions are very accurate, and they take up a lot of the investigator's time because people call in leads for the person next door who looks like the age progression! For a long time I just asked everybody not to use them. But the National Center insisted that if they were going to alert the embassies in the UAE that they would need photos to send, I gave them the go ahead to do this one. I think the shape of the face is off — too narrow at the top and too broad at the bottom maybe. Well, I hope we get the chance to find out!


  2. Dear Sharon, my prayers will go to Michaela's soon return. I am sure she will reunite with you and your family soon! With this case of 3 women kidnapped, police and FBI will find better ways and strategies to find people! Keep the hope up! God bless you and Michaela.


  3. Mary, how dare you call Sharon defensive and say/ write such horrible comments to her. You need to stop with it already. I wouldn't wish this on anyone but you don't know what Sharon is going through, it must be so incredibly difficult to not know anything about your child. It's been almost 25 years! Mary, you absolutely disgust me. You need to stop writing her. Don't you realize how much you are hurting Sharon? She is trying her hardest to help find her daughter, who she will always love very much <3. Your mean and nasty comments cannot change that, ever. I'm so disgusted tat I'm at a loss of words. How would you like it if someone wished death upon your child? You wouldn't. So do not do it to another human being. You are cold and cruel.I hope Michaela is found ALIVE, I hope and pray nothing but the best for Sharon and her family. Sharon you are beautiful, your missing daughter is beautiful, your entire family is absolutely beautiful!


  4. Sharon you are the nicest person I know!I hope you find your daughter ALIVE , SAFE, AND HAPPY TO COME HOME! Im going to BEG my mom to go to Michaelas anniversery. I dont know how spell that good so please excuse my bad spelling im only 10.<3 Leah


  5. Sharon I love you with all my heart and I'll keep an eye out for the age progression. Even though i'm 10 i will still believe she is alive and safe.Love,Leah


  6. Sharon do you ever feel like when you loose someone and you feel like its your fault or you could have done something to prevent this?or that you didnt love them enough?I felt that way when my grandpa got taken away from cancer.I still think that i didnt love him enough and that i could have done something to prevent it. Do you know what i mean? Love,Leah


  7. No, I have never felt that way, although I have felt after people died that I had spent more time with them or had done more for them. And you shouldn't either, Leah. It's not your fault in any way.


  8. Sharon a couple days ago something happened to me and I still get goosebumps.So I was sitting in my room and I Was reading and then all of the sudden I felt weird warm and tingly.But all of the sudden I said these words and I will NEVER forget them,Michaela Garecht will be found on August 13, 2013 alive and well.After I said them I thought what did I just say? Then the warm tingly feeling went away. I don't know if they were true or not. What do you think?Love,Leah


  9. There are a couple of Twitter accounts dedicated to your daughter Michaela. @M_Garecht and @missingmichaela I hope that your daughter is found alive and I hope that the word continues to spread about Michaela whether it be social networking, television (media), newspaper, etc. Always hoping and praying for the very best for your daughter, you and the rest of your beautiful family. Love,Cortney


  10. You're very welcome. I have followed your daughter's story since I first heard about it when I was much younger. Well, I'm still pretty young I'm only nineteen. You are a truly amazing mother, and incredibly strong. Your daughter is truly blessed to have a mother as amazing as you. The amount of hope you have in a single day is more than most people will ever have in their lifetime. If Michaela is found alive as we all hope and pray she will be incredibly touched by how much you have put into finding her. *Cortney


  11. Advice, don't go to a psychic it is very credible, Sylvia Browne was proof you can't trust a psychic. Look at Amanda Berry, Sylvia told her mom that Amanda was dead & her poor mom died of a broken heart because of that. If Sylvia Browne was so psychic how come she didn't know Amanda Berry was still alive & less than 3 miles from her home the whole time? Just go by your mother's instinct & keep searching regardless of what it is until you get closue


  12. Sylvia Browne said the same about Michaela, only I had the pleasure of hearing it on a radio program while on my way to work one morning. I have actually talked to a lot of psychics. I don't think even the good ones really help solve the cases, more that their information may be confirmed or denied by thefacts of the cse.


  13. I remember vividly when this happened. I lived in Livermore and we watched each and every car/van we saw, keeping at least 1 eye out for your little girl. In fact, there were several kidnappings and it was thought they might have been related. I remember there was a woman arrested and she had an eerie resemblance to the sketch of your daughter's kidnapper. I pray you get some sort of closure, some resolution at some point ~ the not knowing is hell. Please take care!!


  14. Has anyone ever posted this age progressed photo on, for instance, their Facebook account? I wonder if that would put her in danger. I wonder if there's a way to carefully, responsibly do that.


  15. Honestly, I try to discourage people from posting the age progression. I think it is not all that accurate, and when it is posted it just results in a bunch of people calling the police about people they saw who looked like the composite. Unfortunately the police don't seem to have time to work on the real leads we have.


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