Dear Michaela … we are calling your name!

Not long after you were kidnapped, a woman came to our front door to tell us that she’d had a dream or vision that your kidnapper had dropped you off in the hills above Lake Chabot, that you were injured and were not able for some reason to get to help. She said that at night you covered yourself with leaves to keep warm. Somehow or another, can’t remember exactly, a second woman joined in and said she had the same dream or vision. They were very convinced and convincing, and … well, I don’t know what it was about it, if it was how convinced they were in themselves, or if it was simply the picture they painted of you, alone and afraid and yet free and so easily helped, but I felt this was something that had to be followed up. I told the police and expected them to be as excited as I was and to rush out to Lake Chabot with all their resources, but that didn’t happen. This is not to fault the police department, because the fact of your case is that there have always been so many leads it has been difficult to find the time and resources to follow each one to its farthest conclusion. So instead, your dad went out the those hills. He spent an entire day walking around those hills calling your name, over and over again. He called your name so loudly and for so long that by the time he came home he had lost his voice.

That is what I feel I am doing here — calling your name, calling over and over again, as loudly as I can, just hoping that somehow, somewhere, you will hear it and will answer.  When your dad went to those hills, there is no way he could have covered even a fraction of that territory alone. Many friends went with him, friends and strangers who came to volunteer to try to help you. Somebody brought a megaphone, and he used that also, to amplify his voice and make it go farther, hoping that you would hear. Today, I use the internet to amplify my voice, hoping that you will hear, and there are many friends who re-post these letters that I write to you, to try to help me cover as much of the world as I possibly can.

In the early days, there was one other thing I often said when I was asked by reporters what I had to say to the kidnapper. That was, “We don’t care about you. We just want Michaela back. Just drop her off somewhere.” That is still true. Selfish it may be, because it’s a fact that if you did this once you probably had or would do it again, and yet my heart longs only for my daughter, not for “justice,” and certainly not for revenge. Just hand her the telephone and let her call me. Give her a computer and let her e-mail me. Let her come home, please. I believe it is only a matter of time and she will be found. If you let her go, it will be only Michaela we find, rather than the both of you. It is the safest thing, the smartest thing, the nicest thing.

Michaela, I am waiting to hear from you, and I will continue to wait forever if I have to. When the time is right, I know you will answer my call.

I love you forever,

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  1. Michaela listen to your mom, she is there for you. Please contact her wherever you are. It doesn't matter what you have been through and what sort of a person you are now due to circumstances. Just contact your mom….now!


  2. The picture you paint of Michaela's father on those hills is so heartbreaking. To cry out Michaela's name for 23 years is so painful. I am so sorry this has happened to your family and I hope and pray every day for a resolution for your family.


  3. You should listen to your mom Michaela. She's been through so much in the past 23 years searching for you and she wants an answer. The time may not be right at the moment, but don't make her wonder forever. Please come home and end this nightmare for your family.- Becca.


  4. This was just something thathappened to me last night, I was reading a book and one of the pictures had a chair with the name Mikayla (different spelling, I know) I thought that was interesting because I had just got done reading this blog, but another weird thing was I decided to look out the window that same moment and this tan colored dodge K car was driving by, and in my neighborhood we never see old make cars like that I dont think I seen one of those in years but youknow “signs”…just thoght that was rather odd.


  5. As a mother, I can understand how you would never want to give up hope. All I can do is share this with my followers and imagine for you that Michaela is alive and well, and will come home to you soon.


  6. Thanks Boudica. It is true that for myself I would not want to give up hope, but for Michaela I cannot give up. If she is out there somewhere, if I were to stop looking for her, then I would be letting her down, abandoning her. And I can't do that.I appreciate your help.


  7. I know what it feels like to have a child kidnapped, even though I knew who took him, and in the end I got him back with the help of the police and friends. I can't imagine what you must go through on a daily basis Sharon. My heart goes out to you and will till the day you too get your baby back. I'm so sorry that you have to continue to feel those horrible feelings.. but I can tell that you are a strong woman and I know that Michaela feels it too.. this will bring her back to you. Keep up the fight.. and remember just how many of us care and will keep sharing your story.. Good Luck Sharon… you are a good woman and a great momPenny


  8. Hi Sharon,my heart goes out to you & Michaela,how dare these evil people take a child away from their loved ones like that,I hope & pray that one day very soon you are reunited with your beautiful daughter….Since i came across your story i've been tweeting on twitter in the hope of jogging someones memory,or better still that Michaela herself will see your blog,best of luck Sharon,hope all your dreams come true,god bless,keep up the strength & good work & prayers will be answered x Wendy X


  9. You're more than welcome,I will keep tweeting,hopefully the power of twitter will bring some answers,take good care,hope you meet up with your daughter soon,god bless you & Michaela…Wendy X


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