More video about this lead and Michaela’s case

Some of the news coverage last night was really interesting. I really like the ABC coverage, because they dug out video from back when Michaela was first kidnapped. You will see a huge billboard which was parked in my front  yard for several weeks, for example. They also interviewed my son, Robbie, instead of me. Before you watch it, I just want to tell you that Robbie is one of the very nicest young men in the world — he is smart, funny and kind, and gives the world’s best hugs.

KRON channel 4 in San Francisco also reviewed the history of the case.

And NBC Bay Area … yesterday people kept asking me if this lead gave me hope. This interview captures my answer to that, as Robbie also captured it in the Channel 7 video.!/news/local/Cold-Case–Death-Row-Inmate-Talks-About-Missing-Hayward-Girl/138549129

People often think that if they aren’t hearing about the case in the news that there is nothing going on, but that is far from the truth. This case is always being worked. The lead regarding Herzog … well, the more I look at his photo from the 1980’s, the more I think he does look just like the image the composite drawing has sketched in my mind — except for the acne, although I know that can pop up as a result of a methamphetamine binge also. But there are a few other leads in this case that are so good the media would be excitedly reporting them if they knew about them. Some things are just better investigated quietly, however.

Meanwhile, I just have to sit and wait for someone to give me the answers. But I will do what I have to do. And I wiill never give up. Michaela, from this news coverage, from the blogs posted here, from the many many people who write directly to you on this blog, and from all the comments left on your facebook page, just know that you are dearly and deeply loved, forever and for always, no matter what.

A couple of my dear friends, Chris Orrey and Kaye Santos, posted some quotes on Facebook yesterday which really spoke to my heart. I have copied them into this blog, in the right hand sidebar. One is from Winnie the Pooh, and one is from Maya Angelou. Please read them, and always hold hope and faith in your heart. You are stronger than you know.

Love you, Michaela.

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  1. Herzog was married with three children, and I believe those children are now young adults. I'm not sure how reliable information is on the net, but this website: contains multiple comments from a Christina Herzog (back in 2001) who claims to be his wife. There also appears to be a Kimberly who claims to be the sister of victim Cyndi Vanderheiden as well. Also, I found it interesting that this Christina says they were married for 13 years at the time, putting their marriage date in the year of 1988. I don't know if any of this is important to Michaela's case in any way, but I thought I would pass it along to you.


  2. I thought about that too, the acne how in the older picture he has somewhat decent skin and no pock marks or acne scars but not everyone gets that…my husband had bad acne as a teen and early 20s and he is in his 40s now and has great skin. I do though think this is the guy, but I hope for your sake it isnt. Hugs.


  3. I remember when this happened I went to all vigils and hung posters on poles I have never forgotten I pray everyday that the family finds some news.God Bless to your family.


  4. Hi, Sharon. Just wanted to say that you are a terrific person and an amazing mother. When I have children I hope that I'll love them as much as you love all of yours. Good luck with everything and hopefully this lead will bring you another step closer to your daughter whether it is or is not THE lead. God bless you and your family! Love, Maddy


  5. Blessings, I do not know what to pray. If Herzog is right it will be heartbreaking. And yet it would bring closure. I was there that morning, 15 minutes before Michaela was kidnapped. I was going to send my daughter into the store to buy milk while I stayed with my infant son in the car. He messed his diaper and was screaming. We went home. My daughter didn't go in. We had been parked in the parking lot. I even remember the space. My daughter was just a bit younger than Michaela , it could have been her. I regret that I was not more observant , I worried someone had seen my car. I worried for my daughter. I have always had Michaela in my heart. I have prayed for her mom. God Bless Sharon….


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