The most recent lead

I would post my thoughts and feelings about this, but I am just honestly too tired tonight. So I will post a link to the article, because I know there are people who check here for the latest news on Michaela.

I will follow it up only by saying that this is far from the first time something like this has happened, so I am not jumping to any conclusions, and it would be my suggestion that nobody else should either. But if they do find something, I don’t want my wonderful and valued blog readers to feel they had been left out of the loop.

And only one other thing … to Michaela, if you are out there, this is not the first time I have had to wait while searches were conducted for your “remains.” I would be so grateful to never have to do this again. Please, please, please…..

Love you forever, baby girl.

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  1. I can't even imagine this – as a mom – living this way – hoping you will find out what has happened to your baby – but deep inside wanting the best possible outcome- which is of course your daughter coming home alive- but also knowing she might come home – not alive. I am so sorry for you and your family and of course your dear daughter Michaela that this is the way it is for you all. My heart really hurts for you every time I read this blog and know that you are still waiting…. waiting.. I ask God to please give you answers and peace and please soon – you have waited way too long. From my heart- Brandis Payne


  2. You are right Sharon, lets not anybody jump to conclusions, the man does resemble the sketch, BUT so did Philip Garrido when he was younger! So the best thing to do is wait for the police to conclude the investigation.


  3. Hoping this is a false lead and that the next one will be a good positive one, resulting in Michaela coming home alive and well.


  4. SharonI want to send you some love from England. You live far away from me, but I am a mother too and I can feel your sorrow from here. Praying that this is a false lead and that Michaela comes home soon.Alison x


  5. I have a gut feeling Loren is responsible for Michaelas demise I know it's not what you want to hear though. I think the time has now come for an answer and the two of them have met wherever they are. I have a feeling michaela has forgiven him and in turn he has to let the secret out if through his so called friend. He knows he is guilty and lived with the guilt for a very long time hence killing himself. Now that he is dead the answers you want will be revealed as Michaela is demanding you know the truth from wherever she is.


  6. Anonymous, the reason I am not jumping on this bandwagon is not because I “don't want to hear it.” it's because I've heard it before. This isn't even the first time a prison inmate has offered to lead us to Michaela's body. The last guy who did so ended up serving six years in the federal penitentiary for perjury before a Grand Jury over it. The other reason is because I know the details of other leads being pursued, which have more substance than this one. Shermantine didn't even claim to know that Herzog kidnapped Michaela. He just pointed out the resemblance to our composite. I have no doubt Shermantine had some real information about other cases, but I don't think he has claimed that about Michaela.


  7. I wish this news to be false and michaela to be alive some where.I too wish you to have enough strength to face this situation patiently.I can understand your pain by measuring the pain we feel after this news.My love to both you and michaela.


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