Dear Michaela … a message from Megan

Michaela, this is a beautiful message that was sent to me to give to you.
Love you,

Hello Michaela,
My name is Megan! Although we have never met I feel as though I know you. The reason I say this is I read your mom’s blog. She has tried her best to let the world know of you her beautiful daughter. Although your mom and I have not met in person, I feel as if she is an old friend I have known personally for years. The reason I say this is your mom and I share an experience that bonds us in away. When I was a child I was taken from my mom. I was forced to live with the person who took me for years. At first I held onto every memory I had of my family. Then in time I let go of it. It was too hard and hurt too much to remember. Then in time the truth is sometimes you just forget stuff even if you don’t try to. I didn’t see my mom again until I was grown up. It was hard because I honestly didn’t remember her or my life with her. I got to talk to her on the phone before we saw each for the first time in years. I have a birth mark so I asked her about it. That was only something she would have known about. Although I couldn’t remember my mom, somehow I could remember the bottle of perfume that sat on my grandmother’s dressers. My grandmother died when I was two years old! I asked my mom on the phone what kind of perfume her mother use to where. Again this is something after all these years only my mother would have the answer to. 

If you are out there in the world and happen to be reading this. It is ok if you do not remember everything from the time you lived with your mommy. If you remember something, anything from your childhood and maybe it doesn’t make sense. You can email Sharon and ask her if she knows what it means and if she can explain it to you. You can leave a post here on her blog. You don’t even have to an account! Or even sign your name or where you live. If you see the comments on here and are scared what you might say will get posted. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment! When you leave your comment all you have to say is “Dear Sharon, what I am writing you is private. Please do not post this on your blog.” Then on the next line write your question. Many people have left comments like this for Sharon. Including myself, so if you tell her it’s private. You don’t have to worry about her posting it. A lot of readers send her comments anonymously. Because of this sometimes I think it is hard to tell if the same person sends a comment more than once. Also if she responds she is not sure what to call them. Maybe you have a favorite color like purple, or a favorite place you like to go on vacation like the beach. So if you decide to write Sharon you might want to sign a name. You don’t have to, or even use your own. You can just sign it Sincerely Purple or Sincerely at the beach! 

You are old enough now to have children of your own. Do you have children? If you don’t, I can tell you one of the hardest things for a mom and dad is not to know if their children are safe. If you see this, and think Sharon might be your mom. Do you think you can try and find away to send her a note? If you look at the right hand side of Sharon’s blog you will see a mailing address. Maybe the next time you go on vacation to the beach you can mail her a post card! Just scribble two sentences. Tell her your one vacation and having a good time. Then tell her about that birthmark you still have or tell her you still remember what kind of perfume your grandmother use to wear. Just try to tell her one thing you remember from when you were a child. Even if that one thing doesn’t make sense! Or while you are at the beach, you can leave a comment here on her blog telling her your having fun at the beach and you still remember having pizza night when you were a kid! Then sign the note purple! 

I have talked to your mom about doing something special for you this year in Nov. I’ll let her tell you about all of that later after it has been planned. If we do this it will take place in California. Do you live in California or near California? Maybe you would like to come? Would you be able to find a way to get to the bay area of California? If you need help getting to Ca maybe Sharon and I can figure out a way to get there. Maybe we can send you a bus ticket. You are welcome to come. You don’t even have to introduce yourself to anyone. If you decide to come and say hello, you don’t have to be afraid. Nobody including Sharon will force you to stay. Sharon’s only wish is to make sure her Michaela is safe and happy! 
All the best,

4 thoughts on “Dear Michaela … a message from Megan

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  1. Dear Sharon,You and Michaela have been in my heart since 1988. I grew up in Hayward and was just finishing high school at the time of Michaela's disappearance. My own mother even met and spoke with you around town in Hayward on a few occasions. We've never forgotten about Michaela, even though we've resided in different parts of the country. Love, Prayers, and Warmest Wishes for you and your family. Sincerely, Anna


  2. Megan, what a wonderful letter for Michaela. You have been through a traumatic experience and if Michaela is experiencing what you went through this may just be the way she can get back with her family. I pray that Michaela will read this and make contact.Sandra


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