Dear Michaela … my birthday present

My birthday present from all the kids just arrived today, and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a very pretty bracelet, with each child’s name engraved on each link. Here you can see your name, Michaela, on the first link. You are always so present, so very much a part of the family. If you came back, Michaela, it would be almost as though you’d never left.

5 thoughts on “Dear Michaela … my birthday present

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  1. Sharon,Your children are so thoughtful. I know your a proud mama. Very pretty bracelet! I think it is wonderful how your family include her in everything. For a split second at moments it almost doesn't seem as if she has been gone this long. More like she just stepped away to college. Have a wonderful evening.


  2. That is really how it is Megan. I know that for Michaela, if she came home, it might be an adjustment. But for us, it is as though she never left, she is so much a part of our family every day. It is my hope that by writing these blogs, if Michaela is out there, her family will feel as comfortable and familiar to her as she does to all of us.


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