Dear Michaela … your family

Libby posted this photo on her facebook, and I thought I’d post it for you, Michaela. It’s a picture of the Garecht side of your family … your baby brother and sister, Robbie and Libby, your dad, Alex with his wife and his three girls, Shylah, Kalia, and Raina. I guess coming home for you would feel like approaching strangers in a strange land, but here they are, Michaela. You can picture them in your mind. They are all waiting for you, all anxious to open their arms to you and give you nothing but love.

And me, too.

I love you, Michaela.

6 thoughts on “Dear Michaela … your family

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  1. I wish you and michaela a very happy new year and to have a happy ending for your problem during 2012.chandanee from srilanka.


  2. Sharon, did you notice the orb above everyone's heads? I just thought I'd point it out, because it caught my eye.PJ in Peoria IL


  3. It could be……I believe orbs can either be a spirit or just something that happens in photos. It certainly is interesting when you see just one.PJ in Peoria IL


  4. I am sorry about your daughter Michaela. I hopefully she can back home with you. Always prayer Michaela safety back home. Before I learn about your daughter. Before I live in Freomont in Califorina few block away from Hayward. Now I in Colorado also want she can bring with you!!


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