Dear Michaela … the world remembers you

Michaela, here are a few of the photos I have received from people around the world of ribbons, balloons and candles that they have hung in remembrance of you on the anniversary of your kidnapping.

From Chris, whose daughter died in a car accident at age 17.
She hung this ribbon for you in Tricia’s Secret Garden.
Do you see the M on it?
From Jennifer. She now lives in Oregon,
but she went to Hillview Crest with you.
Her brother was the one who first came up with the idea of yellow ribbons,
and hung them on the “waiting tree” at Hillview.
From Jo in the U.K.
From Kristy, in California.
Candles from Robin, in Nevada City.
From Lynn in Colorado.
From Elaine in Queensland, Australia.
From Teri, in California.
From Kathleen, ribbon on a wishing well.
Alyssa is a 16-year old girl in Arizona who read about your case on the internet,
and she was so touched that she ordered this bracelet.
It arrived on your anniversary, and she e-mailed me a picture.
John and Michelle, in San Leandro, California
From Kathy, Union City, California

Michaela, I didn’t know most of these people before you were kidnapped. I have met them all because of their love and concern for you. Never doubt, baby girl, that you are loved. You have always had a light that shines, and still shines after all these years.

(If anybody else wants to send photos of ribbons or remembrances they posted for Michaela, I would love to include them here as well. You can send them to

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  1. Time does fly – I can't believe it is another year. I still enjoy reading your updates and continuing hoping with you for the return of Michaela. It must be a very difficult time of year for you and my thoughts and prayers are with you.Diana


  2. Sharon…all those ribbons for your Michaela how beautiful and loving is that? Wish these time markers didn't exist, wish there was no need for these ribbons but they do point out that there is more good in this world than evil. Always praying for you, your family and Michaela. May answers come soon.Maureen – from Kansas!NamUs Victim Advocate – Kansas (


  3. I keep coming back here hoping to read she was found of course it would be all over the news. Anyways if anything were to happen to myself like death I will do my best to locate her if she is there and let you know your answer. I know that sounds bazaar and weird.


  4. I had a brief special dream about a picture posted here. “Tricia's Secret Garden”.. In it a beam of sunlight kept slowly moving slowly around the beautiful surrounding. When it briefly rained the sunlight shown through the dew drops. I heard a sweet teens female voice say “When you walk alone in the garden I AM and I are with you.” This lovely song was playing in the background ….”In The Garden” – ( Elvis Presley )


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