Other Children (and Adults) are Missing Also!

Other Children (and Adults) are Missing Also!

I want to try to feature some photos of other children and adults who are missing. If there is anyone you would like featured here, please let me know. If there are any updates on the cases here, please let me know that as well. You can e-mail me at sharon.murch@gmail.com, and please try to send a photo, preferably of a flyer. I’m a little clumsy with computer stuff, and that keeps it neat and simple.

Baby Lisa

Baby Lisa
Missing Since October 14, 2011

There are those who will never return …

In memory of some of those who are not missing, or are no longer missing, but who will never return to the arms of those who love them in this lifetime. My heart grieves over the loss of these lives, and for the families and other loved ones who will live with holes in their hearts and lives forever after.

Tricia Seymour

Tricia Seymour
Tricia’s mom, Chris, tells her daughter’s story on Facebook: “TRICIA, my Beautiful and Precious Daughter, was killed in a car crash on May 29, 2004 along with one of her best-friends, Erika Smith. Tricia and Erika were passengers in the vehicle along with the driver and another passenger seated behind the drive. The girls had seat belts on and there was no alcohol or drugs involved with this crash. The crash was on the 138 highway also known as Blood Alley. Tricia was as beautiful inside as she was outside. She lived life to the fullest everyday. We miss that beautiful smile, the hug that would just about knock you down, the dancing, your laughter everything about you. Our lives will never be the same without Tricia and our hearts went with Tricia on her journey to Heaven. I Love you sooo sooo much Baby and there’s not a minute that goes by that I don’t think of you and wanting you here with us. When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle, please do not drive recklessly.”

Cody Myers

Cody Myers
Cody Myers was 19 when he went missing on October 1, 2011, in Oregon. He was found a few days later, the victim of a couple who had been off on a killing spree. They had killed him because they thought he was Jewish. A message from his family can be found at http://www.kptv.com/story/15628891/cody-myers-family-issues-statement

Justin Burkart

Justin Burkart
Justin Burkhart went missing on August 1, 2009. His remains were found over 10 months later on June 7, 2010. Justin’s family wants answers. How, why and when did Justin end up in the Deschutes River in downtown Bend, Oregon? I have spoken with Justin’s mother on Facebook often since her son went missing. I can tell you, her heart is broken over the loss of her son. Justin’s facebook is at https://www.facebook.com/pages/What-Happened-to-Justin-Burkhart/146939045347630

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