Another one bites the dust, and believe me, you are safe here

Michaela with her little brother and sister.
I guess I should let you know that the lead regarding the “headed home” e-mail has been resolved. After sending a couple of e-mails with no response from the sender, I sent him one laying it all out there, that I was the mother of a missing child and that when I get an e-mail with the subject line “headed home” from someone I don’t know, I just automatically jump to the conclusion that it is my missing daughter who is headed home. So this time I got a reply, which was that it had been sent to the wrong person. It was a bit of an odd thing that he said he didn’t know how my address got into his e-mail.  But it is also true that the e-mail wasn’t addressed to my correct address. If I tell you my e-mail address, I will tell you that it is This was sent to simply The g-mail system explained to me that dots really don’t exist in their world, so that this address actually belongs to me also. If someone had got my address from my blog or facebook or somewhere, it would probably have been the correct form, I’d guess. So it must have been some sort of mistake.
Anyway, I wanted to address something else here … and that is the privacy of the people who post comments on this blog. There have been a few suggestions lately that I should start tracking down IP addresses of people who post various comments, because they could by some remote possibility be Michaela, or her kidnapper, or “the advocate.” I have said that comments don’t come with the IP addresses of those who post them, so it would not be easy to do that, but the other thing is that I want people who post comments here to feel safe. I don’t want them to feel that if they say the wrong thing that the police are going to come knocking on their door.
More to the point, if Michaela wants to post anonymous comments here, I want her to feel safe in doing so. You can agree with me or disagree with me all you want, but she is my daughter and this is my choice. If she is out there somewhere and does not feel safe enough to make contact, does not feel safe enough to come home, then what I want to do is to make her feel safe. If she thinks we are going to be tracing the IP addresses and knocking on the door, she might not post comments at all. And I would rather have just a tiny bit of anonymous contact with my daughter than none at all. 
I’m a paralegal, so I’m good at anticipating counter arguments, so I know you could say that perhaps Michaela is being held somewhere and wants to be saved and I am letting her down by not visiting the IP address of all the people who post on this blog, but what if that were to put her in actual danger? Take the example of Jaycee … if the police had come bursting onto the Garrido property and said, “We think Jaycee is posting comments from this address,” there is a chance they may not have found her. That back yard was very well concealed. But there are many, many other ways to conceal a person, so what we are looking at here is that somebody has a really good way and the police don’t find her. If she is in the company of some actually violent criminals and they go through this close call because she has been commenting on her mom’s blog, she could face violent consequences.
Well, I feel a bit like I’m writing a mystery novel here, but I’m just saying, if Michaela is reading this blog, if Michaela is posting on this blog, there is only one thing I want her to know — that she is safe here, and the reason she is safe here is because she is safe with me, because I have only her best interests in my heart.
Shawn Hornbeck made anonymous comments on his parents’ website for him, I understand. I understand he asked them if they would even want their son back, and that this is because he felt shame because of what had been done to him. But they did want him back. Nothing that had been done to him changed him in the least in the eyes of those who loved him. The same with Jaycee and Elizabeth Smart. They are loved and cherished as survivors. Michaela, you are loved and cherished as well. 
Before comments appear on this blog, they come to my e-mail for my approval. So if ever anybody wants to communicate with me anonymously and not have the rest of the world see their comments, just ask me not to publish them. Sign them, please, with a code name if you want, so that I can answer your e-mails on this blog without publishing what you have said. Whether you are Michaela, or whether you are someone with information about Michaela, I will give you the space and time that you need to safely give me what I need … my daughter back, a resolution to this crime.
I love you, Michaela. 

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  1. sharon,why don't you ask inspector rob lampkin about whether or not he thinks you should start tracking down IP addresses because i'm sorry to say sharon,i still feel that you could be risking way too much by not tracking it than by tracking it.did you ever talk to him about this? he would be the best person to guide you on this more than any of us commenting here.i strongly suggest you discuss this with him and since you have lots of faith in him please go by what he says.


  2. sharon,this is a beautiful picture of michaela.she looks very pretty in come (even though i have been following this blog since jayacee was found in 2009) i have never seen this picture until now? is this the first time you are posting this picture?


  3. I like that you are keeping up with your writing Sharon. Glad to have one more blog to follow!I did check it out- and like it! You write well Sharon- keep it up.As always -lighting a candle for Michaela,SR MomP.S. I came across your blog a couple of years ago and was completely riveted by your story.Rooting for you ever since….


  4. Anonymous, this picture is on Michaela's website, and probably on her facebook page also. I don't remember whether I've posted it on this blog before.SR Mom … thanks!Eyvette, first I still don't understand what you are talking about. Rob Lampkin might say it was a good idea to try to trace IP addresses if someone was claiming to have information about the case one way or another, but what on earth commenters do you think need to be run down? I personally haven't seen any comments from anybody who seemed to be Michaela or seemed to have actual information about her.Rob Lampkin will tell you, as I have told you until I am practically breathless, that we have so much work to do on this case, we really do not have time to “make up” things to investigate.I suggest you re-read the words of this blog.


  5. sharon,i am not saying we should track down every person commenting here because it could be very time consuming and overwhelm the investigators.only the likes of those with the “revealed truth from Jesus”.those are the kind of nut jobs who are more likely to have something to do with michaela.remember,phillip garrido took to God the last few years before he was caught? i think this person with the revealed truth from Jesus knows something about michaela and doesn't want to get caught and is trying to dissuade you from pursuing michaela any further and is making you give up on her by trying to convince you that michaela is no longer alive.and definitely track down the “advocate lady” if she had commented here before or sent you an e-mail.and also the person who sent you the “heading home” e-mail with the highway exit do we know he is telling us the truth? he could very well be but we just cannot afford to give him the benefit of doubt in this case because it involves your precious daughter do we know it's even a he? what if it was michaela herself? if he is really telling us the truth like he is having us believe why did it take him so long to reply when you e-mailed him asking who he was? i don't know.something fishy.or may be i said he could very well be telling us the truth but we just cannot afford to take that risk is all i'm saying.just a suggestion.


  6. I don't see anything about “revealed truth from Jesus” that indicates anything important enough to take up investigator's time. I've known lots of people who think they have some religious or psychic information about what happened to Michaela. I'd actually be more inclined to investigate someone who was really adamant about investigating IP addresses. Is that a call for help I hear from you? Seriously, you get what I'm saying, right? And to the rest of my readers, unless you give me a really, really, really good reason to, I'm not going to trace your IP addresses. And I'll reiterate, THE COMMENTS DON'T COME WITH IP ADDRESSES!!! And let me also reiterate that IP addresses don't necessarily tell you where the person actually is. Sometimes they are across the country or even in another country.And may I ask, do you actually read my blogs? I believe I have already told you that we tried to trace the advocate, who used a single-use cell phone which couldn't be traced. We are not stupid here! And one more time, I CARE A WHOLE LOT MORE ABOUT MY DAUGHTER THAN YOU DO. And so does Rob Lampkin.I apologize if this is rude, but I feel that I have answered the same questions over and over and over again. It's time to move on.


  7. Sharon, I am so sorry that the email didn't turn out to be a lead, I was thinking about that yesterday while I was getting ready for work, how cool would it have been if it was? I was really hoping some how it would be the lead that you were looking for. But, I'm keeping my hope. Keeping you and your family in my prayers as always – continue hanging in there, Jen


  8. Sharon,I have been following your blog,facebook and myspace for many years.(before you had the blog and facebook and it was just myspace.)I must say over the last couple of weeks I have been bothered over the rude and disrespectful comments people have been leaving.Do they not understandthat you have given many reasons why you don't check ip addresses?Do they think Rob Lampkin has the time and money to travel all over the world to check on each person that leaves a weird comment?Lets say he did, you have already made it clear COMMENTS DON'T COME WITH IP ADDRESSES.Now lets say they did, what should he do?Call the local police in the area the comment came from and get a warrant, because without one he couldn't do anythinganyway. I don't know what people think.It is clear that you are doing everything you can do.~stephanie


  9. Well said Stephanie.Sharon, I get very frustrated by people that clearly DON'T read what you write. I think you have made your point loud and clear on the issues of tracking IP addresses, the “Advocate” and the “Headed home” email and then right below that people post TELLING you that you should follow up on those very things. Sorry, still shaking my head.People come here and post anonymously for their own reasons and that's fine but how would you feel if your IP address was then traced (if it were possible, which we know it is not), not so anonymous any more. What I do find amusing is that it seems to be anonymous posters that are pushing for IP addresses to be traced???Before anyone posts that the “Headed home” email should not be discounted just because the sender replied to Sharon then please don't. The senders name, email address, which was quite unique, and the photo were researched. If the sender had anything to hide then I don't think he would respond, I think he would be cancelling his email address and running for the hills.As far as the “Advocate” is concerned, I think this has been explained sufficiently.Please people, read Sharon's posts properly before you comment. We are here to support, not to cause more pain.


  10. Thanks Chris, It seems this blog has been divided into 3.We have the people who seem to think they're the victim who lost Michaela.(The ones Sharon ends up consoling because they start crying to her when she is just at the grocery store trying to buy bananas.)Then the people who say things like she's not likely alive,and it would not be worth your time to askeveryone who looks like Michaela if the are.Who says that to a mother who has been missing her child for 30 years,it is so worth the time .Third we have the supportive ones who try to understand and be supportive. I'm not trying to be mean or offend anyone, but lets just try to be the supportive ones.Its one thing to come up with a idea and share it,but share it an leave it at that.I know everyone on here wants her to be found but if Sharon gives an answer to why she is not doing something I'm sure she has a reason for it and maybe she can't publicly say why.(Just a thought)Once again I'm not trying to be mean I'm just still fired up over the comments left on the (There IS HOPE, and we MUST honor it!) post that really got me upset and I have been trying to keep my mouth shut.Also Sharon I had an idea, you should set up a pay pal account so people could donate money to you so you could get a lot more bumper sticker made quickly.Pay pal is such an easy way to donate money and I'm sure people would love to do it.~Stephanie


  11. For the most part, most of the people who comment on my blogs and facebook and anywhere else have been really very supportive. The people who act as though they are the ones who lost Michaela are just people who are touched very deeply by her, and I appreciate those people very much. Those who want to tell me how the case should be handled … well, I thought that they did this because they cared about Michaela also, although that one comment about the person who was through with this blog because I didn't agree with them kind of indicated something else. Most of those comments have been anonymous, but I'm guessing it's only a person or two.There have been some disturbing things said, but I think it's likely that has been from two people. For the most part, I really appreciate everyone who reads and comments on this blog.And Stephanie, I am not taking any donations. If people want to reimburse me for the bumper stickers, they can send the money to the address on the envelope. If they don't, they don't have to. The day when I'm driving around and I see one of these bumper stickers on another car will make it all worthwhile.


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