Dear Anonymous

We are collecting lots and lots of comments on the blogs, which I’m really happy to see. I’m really happy to see them even if I don’t agree with them. I also try to respond to comments, but it gets really difficult because there are so many that are “anonymous.” If you want to submit your comment anonymously, I don’t have a problem with it, but could you just make up a tag name and sign it at the bottom of your comment? It makes it much easier if I want to reply to you.


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  1. I look on your blog everyday hoping to see you have gotten your girl back!! I pray for you every day and for her also!! I will be so happy when she is returned to you!!! HPayne


  2. Sharon, not to be rude but I think I'm done with your blog. It seems to me there's a huge ego trip going on in these posts by you and other commenters who feel the need to demean the comments of those who don't agree with your opinions. I don't know where you get off thinking that my comment was disturbing when I was only sharing my perspective. If you don't like people being sleuths in your case, then why are you posting and responding to such comments? Honestly, is this suppose a blog or a discussion forum? Either way, I don't care if this comment doesn't get posted. You don't have to agree with mine or other people's opinions but you and others on here can be a little less rude about it. -M


  3. Well, since you are anonymous, I have no idea what comment you are referring to. Nor do I know what opinions of mine you were not agreeing with. Was it my opinion that Michaela might still be alive? Was it my opinion that our detective knows what he is doing? Was it my opinion that most investigators really care about the missing children's cases they are investigating? Those are the only “opinions” that I offered.However, as somebody said earlier today, this is not a sleuthing website. The reason I keep this blog is to at the very least keep Michaela alive in this world by keeping her alive in people's minds and hearts. A reporter once asked my daughter, now 26, if she remembers Michaela, and she responded that she didn't so much actually remember her, but that I have kept her so much alive for her that she feels as though she knows her. THAT is the main reason for keeping this blog … that and reaching out to Michaela. I post about things going on in the case when they are public things, or when they touch on my heart. MOST of what goes on in the case does NOT get posted in the blog.This blog is about my daughter, my flesh and blood, beautiful, daughter who was, and is, a beacon of light and life in this world. If you think I have been rude, I apologize. Now it's your turn.


  4. Susan, amen to that. I would be doing the samething that you are doing. I am a mother of 4 children and I know that god forbid anything were ever happen to anyone of my kids I would do the samething. The only thing that you can do is hope. You can never know the outcome of anything unless you find her dead or alive, the only thing you can do until you get the answers is hope that she is still out there alive somewhere. Keep doing what you are doing… I will cross my fingers and toes and pray every night for you that she will come home to you. BlondepiceseAka Tabitha


  5. WOW! I truly cant believe I just read that! Sharon thank you for keeping this blog going and your class with dealing with people who apprently have no souls!I truly hope This person never has a family member taken from them.


  6. sabrina:well said Tabitha.I found this blog for the first time yesterday and in my haste to post a comment, it took me 3 or 4 attempts before I learned a) post don't show right away and b) how to post using my name rather than anonymously.I commend the efforts of those searching for your daughter and thier dedication to following up on leads. it musnt be easy to do. I will follow your blog starting now and lend support and kind words when and where I can.


  7. Oh, silly me! If I don't like someone's blog, I simply don't read it.I know you don't need to be told, Sharon, but please keep doing what you're doing. For yourself and for Michaela.


  8. Well, Anonymous “M”, was that really necessary? Can you not appreciate the sensitivity of this situation and quietly slip away from the blog if you don't like it? Sharon is closest to this case and her opinions are much more valid than a stranger's. Still, I have seen nothing but warm reception or, at the very least, tact in Sharon's response to comments. You felt the need to express your displeasure and offense to people's alleged egos. Who is egotistical in this case? This blog is to support Michaela and have her best interest at heart. This is to keep Michaela alive and for she and the world to know that she will always be remembered and as long as the suspect is being pursued and we never give up looking for her, the kidnapper will ultimately never win!


  9. Wow I can't believe what I just read from that anonymous person. How rude of someone to be that way towards a woman whose child was kidnapped. I think you are doing a wonderful job of keeping your daughter known in this world Sharon. Keep up the amazing work, because one day it will pay off and you will get the answers you deserve.


  10. I agree with everyone about anonymous!! How dare she or he say that to you. I am sorry Sharon. I hope and pray today is the day you find answers!!HPayne


  11. I don't see why I have to apologize. I wasn't criticizing your blog, I was criticizing your handling some of the comments being posted. If you don't like what a person writes, then there's no need to respond to it. You want to keep this blog to be strictly about Michaela, and I can understand that. But you're only adding fuel to your own fire by posting and responding to people's comments that don't make you feel comfortable. -M


  12. Well, m, I apologized to you because you perceived I had been rude to you. I said it's your turn because you were clearly, clearly rude yourself. I think you referred to a huge ego trip, but what on earth do you think this blog is about, but for crying out loud, your “I'm through with this blog” comment was actually left on a blog that stated that I am really happy to see your comments even if I don't agree with them. WHY do you think that is, m? Let me give you a clue, it's NOT because I come here wanting to debate. It's because I believe that it means that the people posting actually care. Apparently, in your case … no, OBVIOUSLY, in your case that is not true. And if someone says something to me, I try to respond. You will see that pretty consistently, even just a thank you to a good wish. I was actually raised to answer people when they speak to me. If you don't want me to respond to you, if you don't want me to tell you the truth about what's going on in the case, what's possible and what's not, what is likely to be helpful and what is likely to waste investigator's time, which is at a premium and needs to be focused where it is needed and will do most good, if you don't want to hear what I know as a result of being INTIMATELY involved in the case and knowing details you don't, and having this case holding my heart and soul in its teeth, THEN DON'T TALK TO ME.It's about my daughter, my life, my light, my love, my heart, my soul, NOT your ego.


  13. Who does “m” think they are ?! thinking they have the right to tell someone not to respond on their OWN blog about Thier daughter or Try & dictate how someone else's blog should be ran…. THAT is RUDE. -Kristy


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