From Libby

Michaela, Libby, sent me this picture today. It’s from her fortune cookie. We have hope for you, enough to give you everything you need.

Love you forever,

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  1. I've just come across your story and blog and I am inspired by your persistence and hope. Thank you for sharing your feelings. I hope you find Michaela soon.


  2. Truer words never spoken. I cannot stop thinking about Michaela.. Wondering, waiting, hoping. Bless her, you, Libby and all if your family.Amanda


  3. I always think of the ridiculous saying “I found it in the last place I looked” when you lose something like your keys when I think of the automatic assumption of the worst when children go missing or the statistics. The statistics cannot be accurate because it seems some of the kids found alive that were missing longterm were found almost by accident. Just think of how many kids might be alive out there that just keep getting missed. Statistics cannot be complete if we don't have answers to all the scenarios. We are programmed to think if they were out there, they would be the ones to make sure they are found, but that obviously isn't the case. With so many missing kids out there, odds are there are more alive than we will ever even know. I keep saying that in addition to “stranger danger” training (or even non-stranger abduction training) there needs to be some serious training of our kids of what to do if you already been kidnapped. I don't know to help make that happen.


  4. The stranger danger training usually does include that, and I know that Michaela had that training. She had been taught in child safety classes at school, and reinforced at home, “Don't believe anybody who tell you that your parents gave you away, or that they will kill your family if you try to escape,” etc. We'd had several kidnappings in our area in the months before Michaela was kidnapped, so we had talked about this extensively. This was one of the reasons why early on I really believed that if she was still alive she would have contacted me.It took me a long time to realize, to acknowledge, that all that can be changed. Of course, we don't talk to our children about the things that might be done to them. And you know that those things cause them to feel an innate shame. Anybody who has been sexually abused as a child knows this. It's not difficult for a kidnapper to use that to convince a child that his or her parents wouldn't want them anymore. I believe this was the case with Shawn Hornbeck, for example. As someone previously noted, he actually wrote to his parents anonymously on their website, and asked them if they would want their son back. In spite of seeing their very words on the internet begging for him to come home, he could not believe in his heart that they would accept him.And once they are in a vulnerable position at all, they are far easier prey for the mental control of a kidnapper. Remember, they are CHILDREN, however strong they might be. It is not so hard to shift them into thinking, “Well, my mom told me that, but she didn't know about THIS.” I keep talking about the adult woman who was kidnapped and told by her captors that they were part of a sex slavery ring, and that many of the police were part of it also, and if she tried to escape her family would be killed, and even as an adult she believed that. And as you read along in the book, experienced the breaking down that she experienced, you could see how that happened.All things are possible. And without definitive proof otherwise, we must continue to look for our kids. They may not have the strength to save themselves, but they are still waiting to be rescued.


  5. Praying for you sharon “for a mighty break through',I pray That Jesus has a “miraculous mighty miracle” and sends michaela home to her family, Amen!!! “we must never lose hope and give up”! (Amen!!) as “nothing”!! is impossible for Jesus 🙂 :)He can “do the miraculous”!!! as He is “a limitless mighty “super natural god”;Praying for you sharon :)God bless in Jesus name


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