Dear Michaela … only in my dreams

I woke up this morning with the song “Only In My Dreams” playing over and over in my head. It’s after 3 in the afternoon now and it’s still playing. It took me a little while to place it. I was thinking it was a current song, but then there was this string that was drawing me to you for some reason. I had to look it up to be sure, but it was a Debbie Gibson song, and she was one of your favorite singers.

I can’t help but wonder, of course … because I’m me … if there might actually be a connection to you….

I miss you, Michaela. More than that, my life is really an agony just thinking about all the things that could possibly have happened to you. Please, please, call me, write to me, come home!

Love you forever,

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  1. It's definitely a connection. She wants you to know she is thinking About you I have this happen sometimes with certain tv shows theme songs that my mother used to watchwhe she was alive. I'm not saying Michaela is not with us but I do think it means you we on her mind sometime today 🙂


  2. Every time I read your post I always start crying. I couldn't even what pain you have deep down inside it just never goes away and why should it. I never knew your girl but she reminds me of my friends back in the day. Feathered bangs. Hair spray. High tops like in this pic you have on her myspace page. Definitely brings back memories for me when I see her pics I have no photos of my childhood but an 80s kid is an 80s kid. I hate how she was taken I hate how no answers have Been given. Just not knowing what happened. If anyone took my kids I think I would end up in a mental hospital! I guess it's strange that I start balling when I read these post. I'm just a stranger who has an interest in this case and someone who really hopes you get to find out what happened.


  3. Thanks, A.M. I would have thought so also. But in the end, you do what you have to do. You said “one of your kids,” which means you'd have other kids you'd need to stay strong for, so you would. If your child is missing, you have to stay strong for that child also, because she or he may need you somewhere, somehow.


  4. I obviously can't say that I know what Michaela went through at the time but I'm very sure that there wasn't a second of doubt in her mind that you loved her.It is very obvious from your words that she was truly, truly adored and I am very sure that she knew that.As a child I was also very adored by my mother, although unlike Michaela I am the youngest and wasn't even planned apparently, but still my mum was crazy about me and I knew it. It truly was a great feeling to be so loved, so cherished and adored. But it was so strong I used actually feel bad for my sisters as my mum obviously wasn't as affectionate with them as she was with me. Anyway my point is I remember being very aware of my mothers overwhelming love for me. I am sure Michaela was too.


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