Roller Coaster Dreams

I don’t remember my dreams often, and when I do it is generally just snapshots. There is a common thread that winds through my dreams of traveling, of going somewhere. There is even a kind of a common landscape to my travels. It is a very pretty landscape, actually — bright and colorful cities and villages with rivers and amusement parks. I cannot really remember a lot of details from the journeys, and I can’t pinpoint the feeling of it either. It doesn’t seem to be difficult or painful, and it isn’t happy and exciting either. It just is.

I’ve ended up in amusement parks a few times in this journey. Again, I don’t remember a lot of details. Last night there were a couple of roller coasters. I rode them in the dream, and actually felt that stomach dropping feeling. It was scary, but I knew it would be okay. But then I was getting a roller coaster which actually had a dip at the end where you flip upside down. I’d been on it before, knew it was a little scary, but I remembered sitting in the seat, holding onto the bar in front of me, and I knew that although it was scary it wasn’t actually dangerous. And besides, it was part of the journey. The rails didn’t end where they began, and I had to get to the other side to continue to where I was going.

But when I went to get on the roller coaster, only some of the seats were roller coaster-type seats, and they were all full. The other seats were all tables and chairs. I wasn’t really sure about that … it seemed like it wouldn’t be safe on a roller coaster to sit in unanchored seats at unanchored tables, but then I thought that the people running the roller coaster surely wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t safe. I’m mulling over the power of centrifugal force and talking to a fellow traveler, but finally I decided that no, it didn’t seem safe. I went to the man who was running the roller coaster and he treated me like I was stupid, said I had to sit in the chair at the table. But I decided to stand up for myself, and along with the fellow traveler (some unknown person), I went and got some legal papers to serve on the man, stating that he had promised to get me safely to the next stage in the journey and since the way he was proposing was not safe, he would have to provide an alternative means for me to get there.

Lately I have also had a couple of dreams that I am trying to get somewhere and the GPS in my car goes out. In the dreams there is always a moment of panic before I resolve to just follow the freeway signs…. These GPS dreams aren’t like my journey dreams. They take place on ordinary freeways. My journey dreams take place in that pretty, fantasy like setting.

I have always believed that life is a journey. I’m sure my dreams tell me something about where I am along the way. I’m not very good at interpreting them, though.

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  1. I just posted some remarks on Lisa Tucker's “giveaway page,” which is what launched me into your world. I could lay down the usual platitudes, but you've heard them all, and in a variety of languages.To but out of my fugue, I went to watch “my” puppies. I put them on my computer, full screen, and have loads of fun watching them. They were a week old when I first saw them. and they couldn't yet walk. For a smile or two, head to this kennel, somewhere, at: Enjoy the fun!


  2. The dreamer is the most qualified to interpret their own dreams. When you wake up from a dream, before you move around, try just asking yourself —- “What does this mean?” That being said, I'll add my reflections, just for the heck of it.It sounds like your dream is saying that sometimes danger is just an illusion….. but sometimes danger is just what it appears to be: taking an unwise risk. And your GPS dream sounds like maybe you would like a supernatural voice of some sort to just tell you what to do, which direction to take (I know that's what I wish for!) But, in fact, you can get where you need sometimes through ordinary thinking, ordinary knowledge. So, maybe you are facing a difficult situation where you hope things are not really what they appear to be, but in fact they are, and in fact your best bet is just ordinary logic and thinking, doing what needs to be done, even if it means asserting yourself? Oh, well. Again, it's what you feel about the dream that counts.Best wishes…


  3. Well, the other thing about the GPS dream is that I rely far too much on my GPS. There are places I go to fairly often and never learn the way because I always rely on my GPS, and don't pay attention to where I am really going because I'm just following instructions….Thanks, anonymous.


  4. Well, your insight sounds quite relevant.I'm still thinking about your dream. Whenever someone tells me a dream or I read about someone else's dream, it's almost like I had the dream too, as if we are all dreaming dreams meant for each other.Thanks for sharing your dream. (Same anonymous as May 26)


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