Nancy Grace Show for Michaela

Tomorrow, February 3rd, Michaela will be featured on the Nancy Grace Show.  That’s 6 p.m. PST (9 p.m. EST) on HLN (Headline News network, sister network to CNN and somewhere around there in the cable channels).  Nancy Grace is doing 50 days of missing people, one a day.

Before I say anything, just to be sure I am not misunderstood for even a second, I am immensely, enormously, forever grateful to Nancy Grace for doing this.  I am very thankful to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children for suggesting to them that Michaela be included among those featured.  It is so wonderful, and I am so happy that Michaela will be a part of this.

But I’ve gotta tell you … it’s really hard doing it.  Last week I had a little tiny phone interview for a five-minute bit last week on the Nancy Grace show, and I can tell you that the moment it started I just got this sinking feeling.  Here I am again.  They are asking me to go back and tell them what happened that day, and I just want to curl up in a ball under the desk.  I don’t want to go back to that day.  I don’t want to relive it.  I don’t want to have to bring up those words and speak them one more time.  I don’t, I don’t, I don’t.

But I do it anyway.  I did then, and I will again tomorrow, in a LIVE interview from a studio in San Francisco.  And you know, there is really only one reason why I do it.  Honestly, it isn’t even so that “one person” with information will come forward and give us that lead, although I supposed if it really was that one person with that one lead, it would be worth more than I could ever put into it. But my reason is far greater than that.

Nancy Grace is doing 50 days of shows on missing persons.  I think it has been reasonably well broadcast that this is happening … and it’s been going on for a little while now.  This isn’t the first missing person show in the series, so people have had a chance to find out about it.  And I have one hope.  If Michaela is still alive, maybe she has heard that Nancy Grace is doing these shows on missing people.  Maybe she is watching them, day after day, looking to see if she is on there.  Maybe, just maybe, she will watch this show, and maybe it will bring her home.

Michaela, if you are out there, if you tune in tomorrow night, if you look will see me right where I am.  You can be there with me in that moment.  If you see me cough (which you might!), I will be coughing at that moment.  If you look into my eyes, you will be looking into the eyes not of a photograph, but of your mom. If you listen really carefully, you will be able to hear my heart beat, for you.

Please, come home.

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  1. Oh Sharon, my heart is breaking. I will watch and will encourage everyone I know to watch. We can never allow our missing to fade into distant memories. We must always try to stay strong for them, for us, and for all the people who have been affected for life by these horrible events. Please know that you are speaking for us too, the family members of the missing and we are here to hold you up during your dark times.


  2. I had the opportunity to grow up with Michaela,not only did I attend Harder Elementary with her I lived in the same apartment complex as her on Berry Street. I think about her all of the time. Praying that you come home soon Luv.


  3. I wonder why they commented anonymously. I would contact the authorities to find out who posted that.(about knowing your daughter)I found your blog by your website about your daughter. I will be praying for both of you.God bless.


  4. I don't find that at all strange or suspicious. Michaela did attend that store and we did live in those apartments, so I'm sure she did know Michaela. I just wondered who she was, since I knew those kids as well.


  5. You will do great. I will say a pray for you to be confident and say all you need to say. I have already prayed for this show to bring forward some answers.


  6. Oh Sharon watching the show and praying that Michaela is hearing your heart beat. I know Michaela through you and the awareness you've brought, through the many beautiful words and feelings you have shared. Yet, I watch the show and still cry for Michaela and you and your whole family. Thinking of you and praying.Maureen


  7. I think it is fabulous that you are doing the show, otherwise I would have not known of Michaela. I am 30, so people my age watching the show would be people that may know or have seen Michaela. I'm just thinking how you are reaching out to people that are her age now. You are a wonderful mother keeping her story alive. I pray she comes home to you. Hugs


  8. Sharon, I am the one who posted anonymously, nothing ill willed behind it Bella, my name is Tanisha and I did grow up with Michaela and we attended school together and grew up in the same apartments together, I initially posted anonymously because I am a private person. I think about those days all of the time, Those were the good old days. We had this huge tire in the playground of our apartment complex and myself, Michaela and a few of our friends all use to sit inside that tire and talk. I loved those days. I found this website and just wanted to let you know that you and your family are in our prayers and I pray for Michaela to come home soon.


  9. i am crying here for that beautiful text… I pray she saw the show, or will see the show when its digital saved and showed on facebook (or other social/medial network) I hope to see it myself, so please post it in facebook ifyou'll get a linc.Thinking of that beautiful girl of yours


  10. Hello Sharon, I lived on Marybell in SL near your in-laws Berney and Madge and have always followed this case. I can remember when Michaela was born, as they could not stop bragging about her. I happened on the Nancy Grace show the other night and was most happy to know that the case is still active – especially since the Jaycee Dugard event broke. I praise you for going public once again although I can understand just how hard that must be. Someone or some act of fate is going present itself some day and by you still being out there I am convinced it will do the trick. My heart goes out to you and I will step up my prayers to move things in your direction sooner rather than later. Keep up the faith and hope and know you are not alone. I am a good friend of the Jenny Lin family here in Castro Valley and they too will never stop until justice is done for their precious daughter and I support you in your cause to keep Michaela's name out there for as long as it takes. Peggy Cash –


  11. I'm sorry to hear that. I often think of you and Michaela, and I pray God grants you peace and gives you the answers you've been waiting for.Brenda


  12. i just watched an MSNBC show online at a woman called Rhonda Patricia Christie who was kidnapped by her baby sitter,Shirley,at the age of 4 and now at the age of 41 traced her parents back all by herself and is now reunited with her if that is possible there is still plenty of hope for please just hang in there and never give up hope.and please remember we are all here for you are not alone.have a nice day at work !!!!


  13. I am reading the book called lost and found then saw your website I'm so sorry I will tell my friends about her and try to help you find her.-alissa


  14. Hi Sharon,Just checking your blog again. I see you haven't updated in awhile. Again, I hope you are okay. Praying for you.Brenda


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