Michaela’s case

Well, you know there is never a lot that I can specifically say with regard to Michaela’s case, but I know you all like to be reassured that it is still active.  It is.  Things are going on, and if the person responsible for Michaela’s kidnapping is reading this, they will find you yet.  And those who know and haven’t told — well, you may or may not be able to be prosecuted as an accessory, but the media will want to know about it … and your neighbors and friends. Honestly, wouldn’t you really rather be known as the person who helped bring a resolution to the case?

And here now I feel bad for sounding so mean. I think there must be something wrong with me.

But anyway, there are in fact those people who are trying to help bring about a resolution to the case. There are people who are talking to the investigators about things they know, things they think might be associated with Michaela’s case.  Honestly, there are several avenues that are very promising, and I really wish I could share the details with you, because they are exciting, but some I can’t and others …. well, maybe I’ll check with the police department. In each case, you’d say (like I do), “How can this not be it?” And yet we know they can’t all be true. That is part of the frustration in working on the case.

But the investigators at Hayward PD, the FBI, and others are all still looking for you, Michaela, and for the man who did this to you.

The other day I was driving home from work, listening to an audible book of “Duma Key” by Stephen King. There was a part where a little dog got hit by a car and died. Hey, I might have not read the book at all if I’d known I’d have had to read this part. And now I’m going to torture you with it. The main character in the book knows the dog is going to die, and sends the little girl who owns him away to get help so she doesn’t have to watch, and he stays with the dog … with the intention of putting the dog out of his misery.  He describes the dog turning his eyes up to him with an expression of hope, and licking his wrist.  I’m driving down the street crying at this point. Anybody who has ever visited my facebook page knows that I am a sucker for suffering animals. And hope? Who can resist it? Who can see it and not want to respond by giving what is hoped for? Well, I’ve lived with the destruction of unmet hope for a long time, so maybe I’m just overly sensitive to this. But how could this man see the hope filling this dog’s eyes and not just rush him to the vet and try to save him, regardless of what he thought his fate was going to be?

But from thinking about the suffering of this dog, my mind moved to the suffering of people, and from there it moved to that area I don’t allow myself to visit terribly often, and that is Michaela’s suffering. I couldn’t stay there, not long enough to allow any real pictures to form. I don’t know what happened to her, and I just cannot allow those thoughts.  But I lingered long enough to see her eyes, and to wonder for the millionth time how anybody could have allowed her to suffer, much less have willingly caused it?

I think that person need to be caught, and made to explain.

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  1. Oh Sharon, same thought i just dont know how or why? no one sane would. If i ever get to heaven what happened to michaela is one of my few short listed questions I hope and pray you get the answer before thatxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  2. Just know Sharon that your friends are always here listening to your words. We may not have the answers to the questions but we are here and that can make a difference. Your feelings and concerns are heard.


  3. Hi Sharon. I just finished reading your blog, and I want you to know that your honesty and transparency make your words so precious.I don't know why God allows bad things to happen – and why your life was chosen to mirror Job's in some ways. But I love how you just put yourself out there. I know you're a natural communicator – and words are a gift you have, but even in your confusion over life's events and your grappling with feelings and thoughts that are beyond all of our understanding, you don't just throw in the towel and say it's impossible to solve or that it's impossible to understand. You don't decide to embrace the idea that life is worthless. No! You keep at it. You keep finding meaning in large things and small things. You so obviously value life so much that you care for persons who may want to take their own…you love animals who have no choices in life and must submit to their circumstances…you're a person full of mercy and love and life. You have been given amazing character and grown it in remarkable ways. I've always loved you, Sharon, but these discoveries over the past 20+ years just make me love you more. You have a servant's heart – the very best.


  4. Trina, thank you. You brought tears to my eyes. And for everyone else reading this blog, the young lady who left this comment is Michaela's friend who was with her when she was kidnapped. After Michaela was kidnapped I remember one of the investigators told me that they could tell a lot about Michaela's character from the character of her best friend, and it was good. And is. I love you, Trina!


  5. I just came upon your blog, and I think that you are truly amazing. Your words brought tears to my eyes. I love that you are writing letters to your little girl, what a great idea!!!


  6. Ms Sharon,it's nice to have you back and writing after a short gap.i wanted to ask you.whatever happened to that mysterious advocate lady lead? any further developments in that area or was it all a big hoax? chandler.


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