Waiting for the Sky to Fall — Summary

Waiting for the Sky to Fall is a novel I am writing, which was inspired by the impact Michaela’s kidnapping has had on my life, and on my family.  There is a dual story line, narrated by the two main characters in the story.  Those are Annie, the mom, and Zoey, the teenaged daughter.  Like me, Annie is the mother of a missing child.  Her daughter, Allie, was kidnapped several years before Zoey was born.  Annie suffers not only from the grief of missing her daughter, but grapples with the knowledge it has given her about love’s truly fearful nature.  In her own life, she experiences this in her relationship with her daughter, and in her daughter’s life.  She is also struggling in her own relationship with her husband, having to sort out what is real and what is not real, why she feels the way she does, or in some cases doesn’t feel the way she does.  The essential question for Annie is what is love, and is it worth the price you pay for it, and how do you find the courage to embrace it?  Allie’s story regarding her missing child and marriage are like the background music for the rest of the story.

The primary plot line, however, involves Annie’s daughter, Zoey.  Zoey has an intuitive awareness of what her mother has experienced, an innate knowledge of matters of the heart, their depth and cost.  As the story begins, Zoey is just beginning to experience love herself for the first time.  The boy she falls for has his own issues around loss and abandonment, due to his father’s death by suicide.  These issues grate against each other and create problems in their relationship.  I don’t want to go into too much detail about what happens after that, because hopefully one day you will read the book and I don’t want to have given away the whole plot (which, of course, might shift once my characters take hold of it more fully), but there will be a break in the relationship, which will cause something really bad to happen.  That really bad thing will help to strip away some of the false ideas and assumptions that were created by the issues these two kids have.  They both learn, more things happen, more things are learned.  The ending may be happy, may be sad, but it will definitely have both elements in some combination.

Sorry to be vague, but that’s about the most I am able to reveal at the moment.

3 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sky to Fall — Summary

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  1. A very interesting story line. Plus, I love how vivid and powerful your writing is. I am waiting eagerly for you to complete and publish this book. ♥Radhika


  2. Thank you for the clarification on Annie. I love how you are putting your emotional and spiritual growth into this work of fiction. What a neat way to express everything.Diana


  3. I just came across your blog today and read your story about your beautiful daughter….my heart goes out to you. I wish you the best with your book, I hopes it helps with healing…xoxoxoKate


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