One of Michaela’s gifts

I had a dream about Michaela last night.  I can’t remember what about Michaela, but I can remember it was about her.

Today I was talking to someone, about this blog actually.  I was talking about the people who post comments here, and the people I talk to on facebook, and how much I really enjoy getting to know so many people in this way.  And most of these people I have met because of Michaela.  It’s true that there are those here who I know in the flesh, some of whom I’ve known for many, many years now, but even many of them I met because of Michaela.

They talk about silver linings, and that ill wind that blows no one any good and all.  So I just wanted to stop by and tell you all thank you for being a silver lining in some dark, cloudy days.

There are other gifts Michaela has given me as well.  A lot of them are as bitter as they are sweet.  But you, my friends, are just sweet.

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  1. Equally, getting to know you is also a gift sharon and you have often made a silverlining to many peoples day just from those words of wisdom and reasoning,Louise in Ireland


  2. That was lovely. And believe me, meeting you has honestly changed my life. Its changed who I am, what i want to do in my life. Its made me a better, more appreciative, more God- loving and charitible person. And thats thanks to you and Michaela.


  3. Sharon,You have a gift for seeing things differently in a positive way. I admire your strength.Brenda (formerly anonymous)


  4. You have to be able to see the good things. Even when life is at its worst. I've been observing someone go through one of those endings and new beginnings, and he has been suffering through it. It's moved me quite a lot, even though I don't know him very well. He keeps holding onto the fact that even though he is going through an ending that is very painful for him, he knows that it means a new beginning is waiting for him. This is always true, but it's just not always easy to believe when it hurts so much. I'll probably write more on this later, since it is a subject that captures my heart.


  5. Sharon, I joined the Facebook group “I Met Someone in 2009 that I Will Never Forget” because, through Facebook, I met you.JaimeLyn


  6. Mrs. Sharon, You have inspired me so with your strength and as I have gotten to know you a bit through Facebook and your blog. God Bless you! And know I pray daily for Michaela and your family!


  7. Sharon – I feel very blessed reading here and meeting you through our writing. We must find the good in this life – and the bad will never overpower all the good – that I know. You have found a silver lining only because you opened your heart. Michaela (and your other kids) have a very special Mom. As always, I pray for Michaela's return and for you and your family to stay strong with the grace of God. -Marcia


  8. Sharon, you epitomize the undying, unconditional love a mother has for her child. Through you, I have come to appreciate more the little things I do with my children, those times spent together that I might have otherwise taken for granted. I always hug them a little longer, tell them more often that I love them and cherish simple, everyday moments spent together. I know how much you yearn for your little girl. I am continuing to pray that Michaela will find her way back to her loving family.Love,Radhika


  9. Thank YOU Sharon! This is something you have created and you bring perspective, introspection and I'm sure something a little different to each person.


  10. That was so sweet Sharon, I will always be here no matter what. I am very faithful to always check your postings on facebook and your blog over most people. Even the people I know I pick you first. I am glad that you let me in the cloud with silver lining. We are going to be in there together for a long long time. I am glad and proud to have you as my friend.


  11. i have bookmarked your website and your blog in my browser and so now i visit them everyday.the reason i like to visit your website is not only to see the developments in Michaela's case but also to see what new you have written because i like the way you write.i think you are very have the capacity to express in words exactly how you feel in your heart and that is one of the many good qualities in you that i i have said before in one of my previous messages to you,your kids are really lucky to have you as a mother.don't ever give up on Michaela.we will all work together and bring her back home some day.and when that day comes i might even make a trip to Hayward,California,to meet you all.


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