My Kids

I just have to say a word about my kids.  You know, I worried for years about what impact Michaela’s kidnapping might have had on them — or more to the point, what impact I might have had on them as a result of Michaela’s kidnapping.  The song “Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson was one of my worst fears:

Because of you
I never stray too far from the sidewalk
Because of you
I learned to play on the safe side so I don’t get hurt
Because of you
I find it hard to trust not only me, but everyone around me
Because of you
I am afraid

My kids did actually grow up thinking that I was overprotective, and in many ways I was.  But I remember the day a few years ago when my son Robbie came home from a youth leaders meeting and informed me that he had realized that I had actually given them a lot of freedom, but that it was the right kind, at the right time.  So ha!  And it is true — as much as I may have my safety quirks, like not letting them play hide and seek, like not wanting them to walk down the street alone — there are many areas where I am far more liberal than most parents probably are.  

Each of my kids has had their challenges.  Each has had their heartaches (some more than others), and some have not always made the wisest decisions and have paid for it in various ways.  But I have to tell you, when I really stop to consider it, my kids are amazingly wonderful people.  For one thing, they are really fun.  They all have a great sense of humor, they are all very sociable and love to go out with friends, and they love to laugh.  That is so wonderful!  They have also shown themselves to be fully capable of loving and giving their hearts to others.  They have all shown themselves to be loyal to both friends and lovers, and they are just plain nice people.

So kids, I am very proud of you!  And I’m so glad that I didn’t screw you up too badly.

And Michaela, I just want you to know that this is a great family to be part of.

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  1. Sharon,You're probably one of the best mothers I've known. Not only have I always seen you be reasonable with your parenting, I've seen you parent in ways that I believe downright just make sense. You've let your kids make their own mistakes–and learn from them, while always knowing that you'll be there for them even after the mistakes have been made. You fiercely (spelling?) defend your children, love, and protect them at all costs. I think the overprotectivness can be looked over because quite frankly, you have not driven your children away because of it.I don't know. I thought I could write this better than it actually came out, but, it doesn't quite say what I am thinking. So, I guess to put it more into terms with what I am thinking, I wish I'd have had someone like you as my mother. I wish I would have always known I could count on my mom when I needed her most. I wish that I could say for 100% that my mother would always be there for me. I wish I could know that even through the biggest of mistakes my mother would still love me. I wish I could tell my mother that I loved her and know that she would say it back.. in short.. I wish my mother was everything you are.. the goods and the bads.


  2. I think you have done a wonderful job with your kids. By what you write and pictures I see, they seem to be very well rounded young individuals. In the past 21 years I have used you and Micheala in different examples in raising the boys and now my grandchildren. Anthony also mentions Micheala to his daughters. Funny how each person can listen to a song and relate something different from it. Every time I hear that song it brings a tear to my eyes. I relate it to the many years I had been molested by my uncle.


  3. Hello, Sharon, I have four children, of varying ages (26, 18, 15, and 10). I am always amazed at each of them. The road has not always been smoothe, and there were times I felt like such an inadequate parent. But what I am trying to say, is that each of them seems to be this special individual. I love all of them unconditionally, and they all turn to me when they are hurting. I guess my love for them has made up for any mistakes I made as a mother. As they say, Love covers a multitude of sins. I am sure your children survived your family's ordeal so intact and whole, because of your great love for them. As a Christian, I am also reminded that God makes all things new, and that even when we have experienced a tragedy, as in Michaela's being taken, we do move forward and we do experience great joy once again, and because of our pain, we know how precious these times really are. As always, I am praying for you and Michaela, and I pray Michaela comes home to you.


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