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Recently, Hawaii escaped a potentially devastating tsunami.  We had all been waiting and watching, and when it didn’t happen as expected, I think a whole lot of us immediately thought that God had answered our prayers.

I thought that also, and yet there was a question in my mind.  A couple of days previously, I’d had coffee with a friend of mine, and she’d commented that it bugged her when people said, “Oh, God answered our prayers,” because then what did it say about the other prayers that weren’t answered?  Did that mean that Terry Probyn’s prayers for her daughter, Jaycee, were better somehow than my prayers for Michaela?

So immediately after I thought how good it was God had answered our prayers for Hawaii, I had to stop and think about the victims of the earthquake, the original disaster.  So okay, we didn’t know the earthquake was coming so we couldn’t pray for it not to.  But how about the devastation that happened in New Orleans a few years ago?  We all knew that was coming.  I’m sure there were plenty of people praying for it to be averted, and yet it wasn’t.  An entire city was destroyed, and many lives will probably never be the same.

So what do you think?

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  1. Oh, Sharon, what a difficult question! I will be anxious to see how others respond.In your comment about your prayers not being “better”, I do hope that you are not doubting yourself and your actions (though I'm sure you've second guessed yourself many, many times over the years). There is only ONE(?) person responsible for what happened to Michaela. Unfortunately, the answer to “who” still eludes.I can not answer if it is “God” that answers our prayers, but I do believe there is “someone” up there watching over us. If you have a second to pop over to my blog, you can read something that I posted this morning about how my brother and his family were miraculously averted from a potential tragedy.


  2. I think that it's definitely something people struggle with (and I know that I do). But I try and remember that it isn't just God in this world, but that there is evil. And that evil rules this world for the time being.I know that I don't always understand why things happen, but I keep finding myself singing the hymn 'By and By (We'll Understand It Better By and By)'. And not to keep going on and on (though I am), I was reading a post once about how there are still natural laws and we have free will. There are things that are planet can mess up as well as ourselves, but that God brings great things out of the ashes that surround us.Of course, when you're in the midst of tragedy, it's hard to think any of those things and to be anything but angry with God. But I think that's okay, He will always lead us back.(sorry for the novel…I've been thinking the same things lately)


  3. Mary, I'm not questioning myself, or whether my prayers were good enough. One thing I know FOR CERTAIN is that MICHAELA'S PRAYERS were good enough! She did know to pray, and I guarantee she did pray for help.Mrs D, I think I wrote that blog about evil and free will and natural laws! But here is one thing of which I have come to be certain: I am certain of nothing. Many times in my life I have believed I knew the answers, held the Truth in my hand. But in reality, I KNOW nothing. “For now we see in a glass, darkly.”


  4. I don't know Sharon but do you believe in fate? That some things are just ment to be because thats how God originally planned for them to be? Perhaps prayer can sometimes change fate but that is very rare because ultimately fate happens because its just better that way and God knows better. I believe God does anwser prayers for us every day, even if its not the prayers of the mouth but the silent, unconcious prayers of the heart. And every single time a prayer that you conciusly make goes unanswered, than its for a reason. But in return God gives you a gift, and he stores it in the house that will hopefully be yours in Heaven when you die. So in other words- PRAY AWAY!!


  5. Thinking about your question brought me to a common phrase: Everything happens for a reason. Really?? 3 million Jews died for a reason? The war rages on in Sudan for a reason? Never ending famine in Ethiopia occurs for a reason? All that suffering for what “reason”? As for fate, I only believe in it to an extent. People will argue you either believe it or you don't. Well, I don't believe it's a child's fate to be sexually abused, nor do I believe it's fate for all the people I listed above. I do believe God answers prayers. I have a very strong faith and have prayed my whole life having been taught by my grandparents. It has helped me through many dark times knowing God is always listening and he always cares. Some of my prayers were answered, and others were not. And sometimes I understand whey they weren't answered. So was Hawaii spared because of prayer of was it just the natural occurrence of nature? I believe it was the latter.


  6. We live in a fallen world, and because of that, I think that bad things happen. Sometimes, I think miracles happen and bad events are somehow averted, but I can't help but think that a lot of it comes down to luck or chance. I think prayers are useful in helping someone deal with the aftermath of a catastrophe on a personal level rather than causing or preventing certain events to or from happening in the first place.Jen Benjamin


  7. I personally believe that we aren't supposed to know in this life why certain things happen. I've certainly been a little more than curious why certain things have happened in my life, and I look forward to the day in heaven when all will be revealed. If we knew everything, good and bad, we would be on the same level as God, which isn't possible. I know it's hard to believe in a lot of situations, especially yours, but who knows…we might have an “aha” moment in Heaven, where the things that happened to us on earth that seemed impossible to understand make perfect sense once the meaning is revealed to us.PrayersMichele


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