Update on the Investigation

I know everybody comes here to see if there is anything new on Michaela’s case, so while I can’t reveal the details of the investigation, I thought I’d share a little of what is going on. 

First, the Hayward PD continues to work hard and put their heart and soul and backbone into this investigation.  As well as our investigator, Rob Lampkin, we are currently blessed with his superiors, Sgt Steve Brown and Lt Chris Orrey, who have made Michaela’s case a priority.  And of course, they could not do what they do without the support of Chief Ron Ace.  At this point, it has been decided that once Inspector Lampkin finishes a current murder case he has, he will not be assigned any other investigations for awhile, to give him the opportunity to devote his time and attention to Michaela’s case.  A second investigator has also been assigned to the case to help him.  The cold case investigator with the District Attorney’s office is also helping on the case.  One of the first things they are all hoping to do is to break down the iron wall that the powers that be in El Dorado County have placed around the Garridos.  I wish somebody would tell me why these upholders of justice are so bent on protecting the Garridos and care so little about the fact that there are other children out there who are missing, whose families could possibly find some resolution and closure if the investigators were only allowed to talk to the Garridos.  It is senseless and ridiculous.  What it is NOT is justice.

Don’t in any way take this to mean that I am 100 percent convinced that the answer to Michaela’s fate lies with the Garridos.  It may or it may not.  The fact is that we have some other really excellent leads which our investigators need a chance to pursue further.  You know, this is really brutally hard work for the investigators.  It’s not enough for it to look good and sound good.  They need to find hard evidence.  They need to find willing informants.  Please, please send them your thoughts and prayers for success here! 

I guess it will be okay if I share with you that someone contacted our police department about a woman they thought might be Michaela.  Since that time, our investigators have not been able to get back in touch with these people.  None of the phone numbers are being answered.  But we would like to be able to get to the bottom of this … so if you are that person, please get in contact with Inspector Lampkin so we can resolve this!  It is really easy to tell if someone is or is not Michaela.  We have her fingerprints, her dental records, and her DNA profile.  There is no guesswork involved, and there are no repercussions for asking the question, “Could this be her?”  On the other hand, there are serious repercussions for not asking the question.  If years of pain and questioning on both sides could possibly, even possibly, be ended, just take the chance. 

My thoughts are simply that I am ready for this to be over.  That may sound obvious, but it hasn’t always been true.  I have not always been prepared to hear the worst.  On the days when they were digging out on the Garrido property, I was really dreading the prospect of them finding Michaela, and I was so relieved when they didn’t.  But as time goes by, I have found myself put back in that same limbo, and I know I just can’t live here forever.  I can’t stand here forever holding up false hope, and yet I can’t let it down in case it’s not false.  It is sheer torture, I assure you.

So please, if anyone out there thinks they might have any information that will help to solve the case, tell us.  You can e-mail me at missingmichaela@gmail.com, or you can e-mail Inspector Lampkin at  Robert.Lampkin@hayward-ca.gov, or call him at 510-293-7079.

Thanks and God bless.

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  1. Wow, the Garrido's are still being protected by El Dorado county? I find that a bit nuts! I know you do too. I am glad to know that the Hayward PD is still working on Michaela's case, and that you have a DNA profile is awesome. I didn't know that they did DNA profile in the 80's, I remember finger prints and dental records and the I.D. pictures. I hope that the wall around the Garrido's comes down soon so if they have the answers you are looking for they can give them to you and the Hayward PD. My prayers are with you.Kellee


  2. Sharon – you always seem to touch my heart. I thank you for that. I am sure your heart is so ready to have an answer to Michaela's disappearance. Do you think this woman could be her! I am sure your heart has gone there – but too difficult to stay. Thank you for sharing some of the investigation with us – it's good to know things are going on! Take care, Sharon and blessings – – Marcia


  3. Sharon, I wish with all my heart that you get the resolution you deserve and need. I would LOVE for this case to be solved with Michaela returned safely to you. I'm really glad there are fresh leads, and I hope someone is allowed to question Nancy and Phillip Garrido thoroughly as soon as possible. You know, in the summer, a photo of a girl on Garrido's business card was thought to be Jaycee (it wasn't), but I remember thinking it looked a little bit like Michaela (maybe). Have you seen it? At any rate, if Phillip or Nancy aren't involved, then perhaps they know who is. I definitely hope the Hayward PD is allowed to pursue them! This investigation will definitely be in my prayers! God bless,Jen Benjamin


  4. That's great news that the police department is still on top of the investigation! I wonder if Jaycee is willing to share information she might have about whether or not she was alone all her years in captivity (with the exception of her daughters, of course). Since Jaycee's return, I have been looking at several websites that feature missing children, and I am overwhelmed at the number of kids I've seen! Some missing longer than Michaela and some as recent as this month. I'm so sorry you've lived in limbo all these years, and I pray you get your answers soon! I don't believe in “false hope”. It is what it is, and hope is sometimes the only thing a person has left to hold onto. Hold onto your hope while you try to live your life as normally as you know how, and I'll pray that the police department comes through for you! A new investigator on the case might mean fresh, new ideas! Hang in there!MicheleArk.


  5. This is encouraging!To digress, I sometimes contemplate on the vastness and wonders of this universe–it is beyond anything where our imagination can take us. I read this somewhere…if the cosmos could be fit into our earth, then our earth would be the size of an atom. So, in the grand scheme of things, we are almost non-existent. What is more amazing, is that no matter how insignificant we may seem, God loves and cares for us all. He is listening to our prayers and guiding us through. He is making GOOD things happen.I am keeping you in my prayers and hoping that this will all lead to a resolution.Radhika


  6. Hey, I think it's amazing that you have the help of a police department that after all these years has never given up on finding out what happened to your daughter. That's real dedication to its citizens! Absolutely amazing! I agree that it is a bit annoying that the Garridos have no been questioned about anything. My theory is that they plan to wait until Jaycee is ready to testify, cuz let's face it: the Garridos have been lying and fooling parole officers for the past 18.5 years. Anything that comes out of their mouths now would probably be considered another web of fabricated lies produced by their own messed up egotistical claims that they have been reformed. There's too much evidence against them to suggest that they cannot be trusted to speak any truth at this point. If that is the case, than I hope you find a way to develop a little more patience. It's gonna take some time for Jaycee to develop the self-confidence she needs in order to speak out about everything that she experienced and to find the courage face the Garridos in court. Hopefully when the time comes, you might get some answers. I'm sorry that this is so hard for you.Since you're back on the topic of the investigation, I've been meaning to ask you a couple of “dumb questions” about the case. I am assuming that the investigators have already looked into this but I am just curious since I havent read anything about it:Regarding Michaela's scooter that was moved by the kidnapper to lure her…was it left behind at the crime scene when the abduction occured? If the kidnapper had to move to scooter in order to set up the trap, then he would've left some fingerprints on it right? Perhaps there wasnt enough DNA on their to find anything or perhaps there wasnt any advance enough technology to find something back when the abduction happened?Okay well, I just wondering about that. Anyways please take care. I'll be thinking of you in the hopes that you'll find closure with all of this someday.


  7. I googled the business card Jen referenced, and the girl DOES NOT look like Jaycee, but does look strikingly like I would imagine Michaela as an adult. Sharon, I hope you have closure soon. I will be praying.PJ in Illinois


  8. Kellee, they took Michaela's hairbrush the day of her kidnapping to preserve her DNA, so i guess they did, but they also use mitochondrial DNA samples from the mother.Regarding Jaycee, I believe she has been questioned about the presence of any other missing kids and she has said that there were no others. Of course, I understand that she was at least originally bent on protecting the Garridos, and it is also true that she might not know someone else to be a missing child. But the sad fact that we have to consider is that I understand Philip Garrido has written songs about burying bodies, and one of the things we need to rule out is the possibility of his having kidnapped Michaela and not kept her alive, and Jaycee would not know anything about that. Nancy would, though.And from what I understand, the Garridos are both talking. Philip is a little crazy and just might like to get some things off his chest, and I believe Nancy has been cooperating because it is in her best interest. I may be wrong, but that's what I think. Nobody is figuring that what the Garridos say wouldn't be the truth. They just are not allowed to talk to them.I have seen the business card, and I didn't really think it had a resemblance to Michaela. The general type, yes, but the specific fetures, like the mouth, I didn't think looked like her. Thanks everyone!


  9. I am hoping and praying and wishing for closure – of the best kind! Interesting…If Jaycee said there were no others, then who is the girl on the business card?


  10. Have YOU tried talking to the Garridos? As far as I can tell, the gag order only applies to law enforcement. Where does it say you can't go to the jail during visiting hours and see them for yourself? If they know something, they may be more willing to break for a sad mother, than a detective in their faces. Something to think about if you haven't already…


  11. If anyone should be talking to these two, it should be the law enforcement. I somehow doubt that the thought of a missing child and a sad mother could tug their heartstrings (assuming they have one, a heart that is). Radhika


  12. The mistakes made earlier in the Jaycee case were unintended. But not allowing the Garridos to be questioned now by law enforcement is just compounding these mistakes. Hopefully this will change soon. Radhika


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