Give the gift of safety this holiday season.

I have approximately 70 copies of my child safety book, “Listen to Your Smart Voice,” available for sale.  They are $7 each plus shipping and handling on Michaela’s website.  I think this is a valuable resource for teaching kids how to stay safe, and I think it is likely to have benefits in other areas of life as well.  The book is available on as well, where you can see inside pages and read what others who have read it have to say, but it is $3 cheaper on Michaela’s website, and I’ll be happy to sign your copy.  All payment go through paypal, so I never collect any of your credit card information.

International shipping is also available. 

Thank you so much,

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  1. What age do you recommend this book? I already plan on using it for my son but he is still young and would not understand the concept of being taken from his mom or dad. At what age should I buy it, read it and talk to him about it. God Bless you and your family and thanks for writing this book, I read the reviews on amazon and they were good.


  2. Well, Mae, I'd say the writing is at a grade school level, although the concepts in it are applicable for any age group. The younger kids might have a more difficult time understanding it, but I know people whose three and four year olds “get it,” and talk about listening to their smart voice. That's a skill that can protect you from more than stranger danger, by the way! Sometimes, I need to listen to my own smart voice more!


  3. I recently bought four copies of Sharon's book for my kids, nieces, and nephews. She's right: it's an invaluable resource, and not just for safety, but in regards to everyday decision-making. Very easy for school-age children to read and understand, yet I agree with Sharon: even those younger will benefit. I thought I might scare my youngest with thoughts that someone might snatch her, but instead she feels more informed.


  4. It is never too early to start teaching kids about safety. My daughter is 3, almost 4 and when we were shopping the other day a man working one of those kiosk things at the mall stopped us with his sales pitch and tried to give her candy and she looked at me and said “I don't know him, I don't want it”. So it does stick at an early age!


  5. dear sharon,i just wanted to post a comment here tonight to say that i believe that God has really placed you on my heart this past week, as you have come to mind multiplhave been and am praying. each time you and michaela come to mind, a pang goes through my heart. my heart just literally hurts for the pain you have experienced and are experiencing. so the Lord has brought you to my mind, and i just wanted to you to know that. He has placed you (and your family, and of course michaela) on my heart and i am bringing you before Him with great emotion. BLESS YOU, sharon murch. BLESS YOU, michaela. i lived in the bay area with my parents at the time that michaela was taken (i am michaela's age). i now live in seattle, wa, but i have remembered michaela all these years (along with a few others who were taken in the bay area around the same time), and this year i found your blog. i just want to say that you are a precious, beautiful woman, and as a sister in Christ i just want to say that i am bringing you to Jesus in prayer, and i am pleading with Him….thank you for writing so honestly and for sharing these precious pieces of your heart with us. again…the Lord BLESS YOU. to the deepest part of you. OH LORD….Lauren


  6. I agree 100 percent, the book is an invaluable resource and should be implemented in our childrens curriculum all across the america. If you feel the same as me let your voice be heard start writing to the president and your governors, they should allow government funding for these books that are life saving tools that every child must read. I have started reading it to my 3 year old, though she may not understand some of it she seems to be grasping the basic concepts which could save her life. I as well had something to gain by reading the book, we should all listen to our smart voice, thank you Sharon for your words of wisdom to live by who knows how many children have been saved because of you.


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