Hopeful Leads

Well, in this last week we have actually had three leads come in regarding people who could be Michaela, alive.  I’ve seen two and don’t think that they resemble Michaela … but on the other hand I have to recognize that certain types of abuse over the years could have resulted in a slightly different appearance.  Luckily, we have Michaela’s fingerprints, from one of the child safety programs she attended, and therefore verifying the identity of someone who could be her is a relatively quick and easy process.  We don’t have to go to take the time for DNA comparisons. 

But the point of all this is that people are seeing!  And people are responding!  And people are calling in saying, this might be Michaela … alive.  Even if none of these are her, perhaps it’s just a warm up for the real thing.

We do also have a number of good leads regarding suspects.  People are calling in new leads, and we are getting many calls about suspects already in the database, with new information.  And that’s in addition to Philip Garrido, who is still being investigated. 

So thank you to everybody.  Thank you to Jaycee for being a survivor, and for deflecting the attention from herself and onto the children who are still missing.  Thank you to the media, for airing the story, and hopefully not only reporting news, but creating news!  Thank you to all of you who are calling in your leads, or e-mailing them. 

If anybody has any leads or knows anything about Michaela, the contact information for me and for our police detective,  phone numbers as well as e-mail and P.O. boxes, can be found at the bottom of the home page on Michaela’s website:  http://www.missingmichaela.com/.

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  1. And again, let me please just say that what my heart seeks is not revenge, or even justice. What my heart seeks is my daughter. Please, if you can help me, please just tell me where my daughter is, and if she is alive, please just let her go. I remember Jaycee's mother's words: “You may like her. Well, we like her, too, and we need her to come home.”


  2. Sharon, every day I pray to “please let today be the day Michaela comes home to her mother.” God answers prayers, and I know He hears me. I know He hears you, too. I'm so thankful for the leads and I hope and pray one of them will lead your daughter home…today!Michele


  3. No, academic, I don't think it's likely that these two cases are related. There is a lot of incorrect and false information circulating regarding that case. In fact, that is the case I was referring to in the comment I made on the post right before this one.


  4. I am so glad that you've recieved leads, and hopeful ones…. It really makes my heart feel lighter, I love reading good news on this blog. I know Im repeating myself 🙂 but im just so pleased to see that people is seeing, and responding, and to know that this isnt a cold case…. that gives me great hope for your daughter..:)!!! Someday it will be your turn Sharon…. in the meantime Im sure Michaela feels the love and support that she is getting, from all around the world, and from God… We are so many many people that believes in her and in her strenght to someday break free…. Maybe there is good reason for the delay… Jaycee knew how to stay alive, Im sure Michaela knows as well…. Many hugs from Åsa in Sweden…


  5. Such good news!I am praising God, because I do believe that He is setting things in motion for the answers to finally come. When I think about this case, I keep sensing the Bible verses about Daniel praying and the answers to his prayers being delayed by warfare in the heavenlies, but that God set the answers in motion in response to Daniel's very first prayers, and the answer did finally come.I keep thinking that Shawn and Jaycee and other people who have been found alive and well is increasing the hope and the faith of the community of people praying for these kids. And as our faith rises up, more and more of them will be set free. I believe that.Blessings! Deborah


  6. I absolutely believe that God has set these things in motion. Garrido is one messed up person BUT it was through God that these things were set in motion. Garrido was caught while trying to be a “messenger” at the university. He had been trying to set up a “church”. God has a hand in this I am sure. Keep praying all.


  7. When I saw the photo in People magazine of Jaycee and her mother laughing together I thought God how I wish this could be Michaela and her mother. I am overjoyed for Jaycee's mother but at the same time my interest in Michaela's case makes my first thought go to you and how wonderful it would be to see you two reunited someday. How amazing and uplifting it is to see a happy ending in Jaycee's case, now I just want it to happen in your case too. You deserve it so much, you are such an inspiration and such an example of a mother's untiring devotion to her child. Praying for you,Mary


  8. Oh, please keep us posted! I still can't help but think that there is some reason for all of this happening NOW. There has to be someone that knows something or suspects something. Gosh, even if a person just has a general 'hunch' that they might know of someone who could be Michaela or might have been involved in this crime, however silly it might seem at the time, they need to say so. Even if they have to do it anonymously. DO IT. You just never know what minute detail could be the thing that breaks this wide open.Meredith


  9. Did you read the latest article about Jaycee Dugard? Apparently, she tried to conceal who she was for a while, before coming clean to investigators. Then, she actually stood up and defended Garrido! She claims he is a “changed man”


  10. I haven't read that article. Was it in a reputable paper or magazine, or a tabloid?Even if this were so, you could not fault Jaycee for it. This is what Garrido expected everyone to say when they went to the probation department. It is what he TOLD everyone to say. As I said when I was talking about Nancy, Philip Garrido exercised powerful control over the women and girls he kept.


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