Personal Message to Ann Collins

Ann Collins, who is the mother of Kevin Collins, called me last month, but it was in the middle of the worst of the chaos, and I lost her phone number.  I have tried to go back through all my voicemails to find her call, but there are so many of them I haven’t been able to.  So, Ann, if you are out there, would you call me again, or e-mail me?  I have really wished to keep in touch with you over the years.

And if anybody knows Ann, would you have her contact me?

VOICEMAIL ONLY is 510-995-7085. 

E-mail is


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  1. i think the eyewitness should go throw year book in that county and pick out anyone that fits the kidnapper he looked like in his 20s lets ask more about the looks the man had ,like tatoos,scars i want something more than tiger eyesi hope we get her back


  2. Melonie, everybody, I appreciate your concern, but I assure you that this investigation is 20 years old. You are suggesting baby steps when this investigation has long before become a triathalon. The police aren't so desperate for information that they have to go back through old yearbooks. They have so much information it is a challenge to be able to sort through it. They have a number of good suspects. They need people who KNOW something to contact them so that they can find the clue they need in order to be able to prosecute one of these suspects, and most of all, they need to find Michaela.


  3. I think sometimes people (inklude me) forgets that this actually has been going on for 20 years… Since I found this website only weeks ago (when Jaycee was found) I sometimes forgets that it has been so long…. I dont speak for Melonie, but for my own previous posts (and email) I've sent you…. Obviously your investigators has done more than we ever can imagine…. One thing though that I cant help wondering about is…could Michaelas case be related to the franklin scandal? I found the face of the suspect on a website related to it, but ive havent read anything else to suggest that….I pray intense that the people who knows something related to Michaela, whoever it is will come forward……


  4. Asa, I know the case you are thinking of which posted our color composite. All I can tell you is that there is a lot of falsehood associated with that information, based just on the things I knwo to be facts. That composite was created by a police artist's wife in 1989 based on the black and white composite our eyewitness had done. It turns out that our eyewitness doesn't consider it to be an accurate representation of our kidnapper, coloring off, facial features off. So we now exclusively use the black and white sketch, which is on There are people who are claiming to have had possession of this sketch for years before 1989, and that's a plain falsehood. The person who used our composite to identify someone supposedly involved in a child stealing ring is a verified schizophrenic as well, so his testimony may or may not be trustworthy. I don't place a lot of stock on the Franklin conspiracy myself.


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