Minute by Minute

Today I was working on an application for a client, and I had to enter the date he had first entered the United States.  It was November 20, 1988 — the day after Michaela was kidnapped.  I had to stop for a moment there, as I remembered that day and what it was like for me.  But then I thought about Michaela, and wondered what it had been like for her.

I really just wanted to just stop, to lay my head down on the desk, to cry.

But I couldn’t.  There were things that I had to do.  And I had to do them.

For all those who ask, that is how I get by.  Day by day, minute by minute.  I just doing what has to be done.

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  1. God Bless you. I cannot begin to fathom how long the years have been for you. I have become obsessed with both Jaycees case and now Michaelas. I cannot stop thinking of them.You are my inspiration. You are a strong woman with a powerful message for so many people in so many situations. I continue to pray for you and yours daily. I will now pray specifically for the Holy Spirit to embrace you during these times of greatest need.


  2. Sharon–Believe it or not, I completely understand. Here's why. Jaycee Dugard was kidnapped the summer after my freshman year of college. One of the reasons I have been so absorbed by her case the past month or so is because it was just a few days after her kidnapping that my freshman-year roommate was killed in a car accident. Of course, the two events had nothing whatsoever to do with each other. It was just the closeness of the events that drew me to pay closer attention to Jaycee's case than I may have otherwise.In the same way 9/11 stands out for me. Not because I knew any of the victims or was in NYC or DC at the time, but because my grandfather passed away exactly a week before.I don't know if that makes any sense to you, but I am trying to relate that I have some empathy with how you felt today.


  3. Hi Sharon,I know that people have been suggesting ways in which you can or should search for Michaela and you have found some of those upsetting. However, I had a thought, and wanted to share with you. I hope this does not upset you in any way.I was looking at Jaycee's adult photo, and she does really look so much like the 11 year old Jaycee. If I had been her mom, I would have identified the adult Jaycee. You mentioned that the internet is the biggest flyer, and I thought about this. Have the investigators tried any facial recognition software? Given that Michaela was almost 10, her face would have grown to almost an adult proportion. If you were to ask facebook, google and other sites (perhaps even adult sites) to run the facial recognition software on all images of their database with that of Michaela's, that might produce something?Just a thought by a well meaning, well wisher who really hopes that I, and especially you see the day that Michaela returns home. Hugs, Abby.


  4. Thanks, Abby. I appreciate your wish to help. To me, Jaycee actually looks very different from the way she looked at age 11. I would never have recognized her, I don't think. And she also looks very different from her age progression. I think finding a missing child by sight would be a really difficult thing to do. I did one day try to go through all the Michaelas on myspace! That was pretty crazy. I had no idea how popular the name was!God bless,Sharon


  5. Hi Sharon! I would have to agree with Abby, I too think that Jaycee look very much the same as she did when she was eleven. My father has a gift of recognizing faces, and my mom would even recognize her own sister if she had dyed her hair. So I guess that different from people to people…. I wouldnt rule out that way of finding Michaela. Even if it is a longshot (comparing to someone who knows something) On the other hand I wouldnt trust age progression picture AT ALL. You just compare Jaycee with her age progression picture and you have proof…. The dont look the same at all… So I totally agree with you on that one Sharon…. What I think is important is to have many pictures, a smiling one, a serious one, maybe a profile, maybe even a sad one? I also want to add that im saying this in well meaning, just brainstorming…. Im going to do my best to spread the website of Michaelas, i think youre doing the best job ever…to get her story out there. i cant imagine that this soon will lead to a solution…. Your the best… Many hugs Åsa in Sweden…..(the same as before)


  6. By the way!!!!!!! Michaela is a popular name in Sweden. I would say common, but there is one in every school 😉 Its a beautiful name…..


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