I will praise you in this storm …

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  1. You make me smile with this.I think of something that Bill Johnson said, though I don't know the words exactly.His church had been praying about cancer and the community had experienced a sharp decline in the disease, something like a 50% drop, and his church had experienced many, many, miraculous healings, but, during that same time, in the midst of all the miracles, his father died from cancer. He said something to the effect that this life was the only opportunity that we have to glorify God through worshiping Him and praising Him during our pain, because in Heaven there won't be any more pain.This world is the only place where we can truly give a sacrifice of praise, and, now, I am crying, because you are doing just that.If it touches my heart this much, I cannot even imagine how deeply it affects your heavenly Father (since we know that parents feel things more deeply than everything else – and God is the best parent of all.)Grace and peace to you!Much love, Deborah


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