Jaycee, Elizabeth, and Shawn

Tomorrow, People magazine will hit the stands with the first interview with Jaycee, and her photograph on the cover.  Yesterday I was on Larry King Live and there was discussion about whether or not this was okay for Jaycee.  One of the guests was concerned that this was be the start of a media feeding frenzy.  Well, I think that started long ago.  They’ve been circling the waters like sharks looking for Jaycee, and they haven’t been successful in finding her.  It looks as though Jaycee and her family are very much in charge in this situation.

I am happy to see Jaycee’s smiling face, and hear her speak.  I know what a very difficult situation she may feel herself to be in.  But when you look at Elizabeth Smart and Shawn Hornbeck, you do not see victims.  You see survivors!  They stand tall with their heads held high and smiles on their faces.  Shawn Hornbeck was missing, a captive of his abductor, for four and a half years.  The day after he came home, his family held a press conference and shared their joy with the world.  Shawn ended up going back to public school.  Elizabeth Smart is a poised young woman now, bravely facing off with her abductors in court, laying it on the line.  They are strong.  You look into their faces, and they just command respect.

Jaycee is going to be famous.  There is no avoiding that.  But she doesn’t have to be famous for being a victim.  She can join the ranks of the survivors, and be equally respected.  She can be a powerful force for good in this world.  Already she is, without even lifting a finger; without showing her face or speaking a word, she has become a symbol of hope.  She has become a beacon for other children who may still be missing to find their way home.  We, the families of the lost children, find hope in her story, but what children out there might be watching and saying to themselves, “If I were to go home, would I be accepted? Would I be loved? Would the world think badly of me for having been where I am?” 

Jaycee, we all love you.  Elizabeth and Shawn also.  We rejoice in you, and we are very proud of you.  Hold your head high.  The past is the past.  The future is warm and bright.

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  1. There are so many others who've come home as well – Sabine Dardenne, Laetitia Delhez, Steven Stayner, Natascha Kampusch, Timmy White, Elisabeth Fritzl, Ben Ownby, Jessyca Mullenberg – they all demonstrate that missing does not mean no longer alive, and that it's the support of their families which is most needed to help them salvage their lives.


  2. Just the title to your entry, “Jaycee, Elizabeth, and Shawn” is reason for hope for the families of children who are still lost. With a combined total of about 23 years of being lost from their families, they have each returned. I, for one, would never think of them as “victims”. I personally rejoiced each time I saw the news where they returned home, and I pray daily that Michaela's name and other lost children can be added to the list. I'm sorry that I missed you on Larry King. Do you know if they are planning to run it again?Prayers,Michele


  3. Sharon,Thank you for sharing your heart and being a voice of encourgement and hope. I can not agree with you more. How can anyone ask them why they did not run or ask for help?!!! They obviously did what they felt they had to do – and their survival proves their strength and wisdom. Interesting that all three of them didn't run – they waited until the police rescued them. And for Jaycee 18 years of patience!! I hope and pray you find your daughter – you are such a loving mother and deserve to have her back. I learned of Michaela's case 7 or 8 years ago(Unsolved Mysteries) and the circumstances of her disappearance really struck a cord in my heart. Several years afterwards, I saw you share your faith on TV and remembered the Unsolved Mysteries case. Every now and then I google Michaela in hopes she has been found – so it has been great to see her case gain recognition again. Hopefully, an answer will come soon. I am so thankful that you and Michaela are in His Hands no matter what. Our greatest hope – one day there will be a place where all the kids can play safely and never be violated. Diana


  4. Jaycee has already proved to the world that she is a strong survivor and a beacon of light and hope for all of us. Society (mainly the ones that are supposed to protect us)let this woman down and we OWE it to her to give her her privacy and WHATEVER she needs for the rest of her life.


  5. It was so healing to see Jaycee's smiling face.I was vacationing in the Lake Tahoe area the week she went missing, and remember the effect on everyone in that community. She was all that was being talked about in every restaurant, in every shop, on every street corner. I was a young woman and was so emotionally impacted by the whole thing.A few years ago, the Lord had me start praying for missing children cases to be solved, and for the men who are addicted to this type of thing to be delivered,and for anyone being imprisoned to be set free.The week Jaycee was released, the Lord suddenly brought her to mind and I specifically prayed for her, and did an on-line search to see if her case had ever been solved, not remembering her name, but knowing the when and where.I was astounded that she was found, just a few days later. It really has affected my faith level that the Lord, not only set Jaycee free, but that it was revealed that Philip Garrido hadn't touched her in years. After this case, I am adding a prayer for the women who are involved with men who have these types of addictions – that they would have the courage and strength to come forward and do the right thing and tell what they know.


  6. Jaycee looks like an angel!Thinking about all the years stolen from her, all of her teens and all of her 20s, makes me very angry and sad though.


  7. I am still praying for you and your precious daughter. I want her back with you.The Lord our God knows everything, just keep trusting in him.You are an amazing example of faith. I know, as well as I can imagine, how hard this has been for you. Don't ever give up hope.Gods' blessings on all of you.Allison


  8. I bought a copy of People magazine yesterday. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of Jaycee, her sister and her mother. The article mentioned Michaela and Ilene, and I thought of you.The article said that Jaycee still has not met her stepfather. That made me sad. I felt sorry for Mr. Probyn because a stepfather is the first person assumed to be involved when anything happens to a child. I read about how Mr. Probyn witnessed Jaycee's abduction and rode up the hill on his mountain bike, trying to save her. Ihave read that he said that Jaycee's abduction ruined his marriage and his life. I am hoping that, when the time is right, Jaycee will meet with her stepfather. After all, her stepfather was innocent and hurt by Jaycee's abduction too.


  9. I so admire your strength and find your words so helpful and uplifting in their sadness if that makes any sence. I almost feel selfish in taking the strength from your words because you've gone through and stood strong through so very much,It's amazing to me and don't know if I could survive it. God bless you.In reading about the loss of your mom I find it ironic that you lost your Mom on my mom's birthday who also has a lung disease and every moment is so precious. My prayers are with you and your family and I look so forward to the day when you are reunited with your baby girl.Thank You for never giving up you give hope to those going through the same torture as you and to those of us who live in fear of ever having to go through it.Stay strong and God bless you.


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