Why don’t they escape from their captors?

Somebody sent the link to this video in a comment, but I thought it was so astoundingly important, I needed to put it in a post.  It describes the experience of one young girl who was kidnapped and over the period of just a few months her kidnapper was able to make her even forget who she was.


Please, this makes it even more important to pray for Michaela, that if she is out there she will remember who she is, and remember that we love her, and come home.

One person told me that she sat down and watched this video with her 12-year old daughter, and I think that is an excellent idea.  I had told Michaela that kidnappers lie, and not to believe anything they say, but seeing it like this has so much more of an impact than our words!

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  1. Sharon, this video provides insight into how traumatized these children are at the hands of their abductors that they lose a sense of their identity. It is hardly surprising, though! Even without the abuse, being taken away from their families is itself so traumatic. I cannot fathom how people can be so insensitive as to question why these children did not try to escape.Anyway, Michaela is an adult now, and the sensitivities of an adult are different from those of a child. May God give her peace and guide her. I pray that she knows who she is and feels all the love and prayers that are being sent her way. Do you think that it might be possible to put up posters for her around California next month? Perhaps a drive could be launched?


  2. I got a copy of your book for my children. God bless you for thinking of other children and ways to protect them! I am also waiting for your next book. I hope that you can put Michaela's age-progressed photos in it.


  3. Sharon,My thought: I think we need to ask other questions, 'how do some children survive their abductions'? 'Is there anything some children do, say, behavior that possibly helps them or spares them, prevents them from turning into homicide victims once they are abducted? When the children are rescued, like Jaycee Dugard, and others, such as the young girl in the video, maybe we can look for answers to that question, and share the findings. This may be another level of information and education, to share, that may be helpful. One could say, a focus on the question, 'Why don't they escape?', is limiting and could be viewed as an offensive question to a victim and survivor of an abduction.Insight from NJ.


  4. Insight, the purpose of asking the question “why don't they escape” is to provide an answer. Have you watched the video? In answer to the question about age progressions, I have posted a whole blog about that before and also addressed it in a post today about the investigation.And for those who want to send out flyers, PLEASE JOIN ME IN SENDING OUT WHAT IS THE 2009 VERSION OF MICHAELA'S FLYER. Send out a link to Michaela's website (www.missingmichaela.com) to everyone you know, and ask them to send it everyone they know, and soon it will be around the world.Thanks and God bless.


  5. Thank you for writing, Sharon.Saw the video. Thought a different way of looking at it (What is best to do to survive, if in captivity?)might bring educational tools and promote increased survivals, and could be part of another book or article. (Unless this is covered in other literary works, which I am unfamiliar) When I saw the video and thought of the other survivors that are known, I thought that there might be documented factors common to those who survived. Maybe I have not expressed my thoughts accurately. On another note, I am inspired by your post today, Oct. 9 about clues and further investigations in Antioch. I will send out your website info. to help the search for your 'shining light', Michaela. Insight NJ


  6. Well, Insight, what do you think is the answer to that question? I've thought it over a great deal, because I write and speak on child safety, and I've thought, should I tell the children to be compliant so that they can survive?And I think the answer to that question has just got to be no. Because I think that what makes these children able to survive as opposed to the others who are killed is simply that their abductors WANT TO KEEP THEM ALIVE. Jessyca described the daily beatings she got, and how those beatings were worse if she didn't behave the way her captor expected her to. So any kidnapper who wants to make a child compliant can certainly force them to be, no doubt about that. On the other hand, if we teach our children to be fighters, even though they may mold their behavior to what the kidnapper forces out of them, they will have a better chance of escaping when they have the chance. This is all the more reason for them to watch a video such as this, for these lessons to become a part of them, so that they will know that no matter what they are forced to do on the outside, they should always remain read to fight, they should always be aware of their environment and any chances to successfully fight back or get free. In short, they should “listen to their smart voice!”Sharon


  7. Wathching the video and discussing would be beneficical to a child and parent. Very thoughtful post for all of us.By no means am I an expert, and I do not have teaching experience in this area of life, as I am aware that you do. My reference is that I did 'get away' as a very young adult, when held at gunpoint.I wonder if it would be helpful to remind children that if you were being held by someone, it is OK to lie if it keeps you from getting hurt. On another note, I am hopeful that information about Michaela could very well come from Jaycee, and from the investigation into his activities. Michaela's poem the week before her abduction, is – well – profound. I get the sense that she prophetized that she would be receiving your love, hope, faith, spirit, and heart messages.NJ insight


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