The investigation goes on

I got an e-mail this morning from somebody who said that they’d heard that the investigation was ending today. I want to clarify that this is very much not true. The search of the property will wind up today. If they haven’t found any bodies buried on the property, which I’m thinking now that they won’t, then that is good news.

Of course the investigation will go on. The investigation into Garrido will go on. The Hayward investigators still have to go through all the items that were removed from Garrido’s home. There are piles of papers they have to go through. Garrido liked to write. In addition, there have been two previous searches of the property, by El Dorado County and Contra Costa County, and our investigators have not yet been able to view the items seized in those searches. And last but not least, there are numerous interviews yet to be conducted — hopefully with the primaries in the case, but certainly with others who knew the Garridos in various capacities.

These are the leads we want to pan out. A search of the property … well, it might be nice if it turned up something that I could identify as having belonged to Michaela (and it’s not impossible that it might yet, since there are all those other confiscated items our investigators have not been able to see). That way we’d know for sure we were on the right track. But other than that, what might we have found? We might have found that Garrido had killed Michaela and buried her on his property. That’s not what we are hoping for, so if the day ends and they don’t find anything, I for one will probably breathe a little sigh of relief … and then I will continue to trudge on up this huge, sometimes airless mountain of Not-Knowing with my hope still clutched firmly in my hand.

And the investigation will continue. The investigation will continue into Garrido, and the investigation will continue into the many, many leads that have been called in as a result of the national and international publicity on this case. We’ve had leads called in from other countries.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. And please, don’t stop praying.

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  1. I for one will never stop praying, and im convinced there is a lot of people with me (us) who never will.. I still hope Nancy will speak now when she has “come out of the bubble” she was in when she lived with Garrido. The key is with her, im sure…. I hope she can listen to all of our prayers and her own heart and tell the investigators everything she knows. Even if she dont I HOPE the investigators never give up to identify the TWO other blond girls in Garridos garden….that is a lead I really hold on to in my hopes…. and it is important also to identify all of those men who stood in line to the tent…. This could be a chain reaction and maybe a lot of victims can be found, or at least cases can be solved…maybe this is the top of a iceberg!!


  2. Whoever reads this, pray! This is what is needed most. If you are a believer in “fasting”, fast for Micaela. I have seen many miracles through fasting. The more people who are willing to do this, the more powerful it can be. Sharon, I don't know if you ever have, but prayer and fasting have been incredible when I needed the deepest closeness to God and when I needed the most help. We did a fast as a group at my church in January for 21 days, and many miracles came from that. One of the biggest was that tithing increased many times over, and as a church we were able to give this back to those who needed it during this horrible economy. You don't have to go without food!! I always did the Daniel fast.Please pray for Michaela and fast for her if you can!


  3. I wish investigators would find SOMETHING to prove this guy is responsible but in this case, as they dig, no news is good news. Keeping my thoughts and prayers with you. May these searches provide the spark that sends Michaela back to you.


  4. I discovered your blog and website recently and have read every word, multiple times. One day when I find the words I want to send you an email…but in the meantime I will stick to comments and spreading the word.The last thing I want to do is divert attention from what's going on in your blog, so I'll just issue a blanket statement and say I don't pray. Or maybe I do because I say prayers in my head sometimes but I really don't address them to anyone in particular. Since I have found your sites, I have prayed for Michaela to come home every day.


  5. May you find comfort and relief in knowing that the police did not find bones during the search.I wish the best of luck to Michaela, to you and to your family.God bless you.


  6. Has Jaycee told anyone anything that could help you? I realize that she is a victim but she is also a grown woman now with children of her own. If I were in your place I don't think I could contain myself. I would be on her doorstep waiting to speak to her. Ready to get answers that may lead me to my child. I really respect you and your self control in this situation.


  7. I don't think anybody knows where Jaycee's doorstep is to park themselves on, including me. But I wouldn't do that anyway. You are right, she is a victim. She needs time to heal and get over what has happened to her, and that must be respected. And while she may be a grown woman physically, perhaps she needs time with her mother to receive the nurturing a child's spirit needs in order to truly mature into adulthood. As the mother of a missing child, I could do nothing other than to treat Jaycee and her family the way I would like Michaela to be treated if she were found, and that is with gentleness and respect.


  8. I was trying to go to sleep, but I kept thinking about you and your family.You are in my thoughts and prayers!I believe that the prayers of the righteous availeth much and that God will move on your behalf.God bless you and keep you!


  9. Sharon,You and your family are in my prayers.I've told you before that I've followed Michaela's case since the beginning. She has often surfaced in my thoughts, with seemingly little prompting. This happened on August 22nd, the day my own children returned home from a long vacation with their father. I prefer to believe that at those times, your daughter is reaching for you, and mothers everywhere feel her touch. In this case, just a few days later, Jaycee emerged from her encampment.I pray this search will lead you to your daughter and long-awaited serenity.Penny Dawn


  10. I'm sorry for everything you're going through. I was 8 years old and lived near Rainbow Market when Michaela was abducted. I will never forget that day, Michaela, or your family. My heart and prayers go out to you all.


  11. We love you Sharon and are praying for you and with you for Michaela..I pray that Michaela will return and declare the works of the Lord…Oh Lord, please hear our cry…Please help solve this case Lord..In the precious name of Jesus Christ


  12. Dearest Sharon and family, I read your testimony a few minutes ago and it touched me to the core of my soul. You are an amazing woman and although i may never meet you in person here on earth; i can hardly wait until we are all together with our loving and gacious Lord in heaven. my prayers will continue and know that many of us are standing beside you in love.


  13. Sharon,I was 15 when Michaela was kidnapped and even though I lived (and still live) in the North Bay I vividly remember seeing her beautiful face splashed across the television and newspapers and feeling so scared and sad about her. Now I'm a mother a daughter the same age as your Michaela was, with blond hair and blue eyes. I can't even imagine the anxiety and sadness you must experience on a daily basis. I think that the reason you don't cry is that there just isn't anything sadder on the planet that what has already happened to you. Just know that, even though it's little consolation, you have lots of mothers out here sending you love and strength. My prayers are with your family.


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