Just to clarify

I received a phone call today from someone very dear to me who said she didn’t like my last post, because it sounded like I’d lost hope. I just want to say, that’s not it at all. I have not lost hope that Michaela might still be alive and that we might find her. But even if that were to happen, it doesn’t change the fact that she has had to endure things that break my heart to even consider.

My own sorrow and grief over missing her are absolutely nothing compared to what she has had to endure. My main source of grief is the thought of my child suffering. The fact that I miss her is as terrible a grief as anyone’s who has lost a child or a loved one. The thought of what she may have had to suffer is what really tortures me.

But if she does come home, she will receive more love than her heart can hold. It will overflow and surround her, bathing her in its healing balm. I have not lost hope.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story and your heart with everyone. I can not help but believe that in doing so, you are saving other childern and parents from going through a similar fate. Where ever she is, Michaela must be so very proud of her mother. Keep up the hope and the fight!


  2. God bless you….and God bless Michaela too. I just found your blog andhave been deeply touched by your story and your precious mothers heart. i send you a hug and all my love from canada…xo


  3. I came across your website today while reading a story about Katrina. I wanted you to know that you and your daughter will be in my heart and prayers. I believe in God and pray for his protection over my son and daughter each and every night. My biggest nightmare is someone hurting them. I tell them about staying away from strangers, and how bad people can hurt them. I love your approach of “Listening to Your Smart Voices.” I am ordering it from Amazon tonight. I am just so impressed and deeply touched by your faith. Just as I pray for my children and family, you and Michaela will be in my prayers are every night. And don't ever let anyone discourage you from hoping for your little girl to come back home to your loving arms. God bless you!!! Ashley in Philly


  4. Hi Sharon-I grew up in the Hayward/San Leandro area as well and remember Michaela's kidnapping and am around the same age . So many parents in our area were so shaken after the incident and immediately after hearing of Jaycee's discovery my gut reaction was that there might be a link between Michaela and Jaycee.. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope that you may be a little closer to having Michaela come home to you..


  5. That you can find compassion for Nancy Garrido and that you can walk a mile in her shoes, brings tears to my eyes.You are a beautiful woman of grace and love and mercy and compassion.The love of Christ is so powerful in your blog. Thank you for sharing.


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