Today is Labor Day, a holiday from labor in the United States. The investigators on Michaela’s case, however, are not taking a holiday. They are hard at work. I met with them this morning, and they filled me in regarding what they are doing and what their plans are. They are really the best. Our chief investigator, Inspector Rob Lampkin, is the best, and I have to thank the Hayward Police Department, the City of Hayward, and Alameda County, for their support of this investigation.

I’m asking for prayer, from those who pray, that their efforts will be fruitful. It’s been long enough. I want some answers.

But I have to tell you, I’m feeling kind of weepy and emotional today. I’m not crying — it’s just these tears that come to my eyes and sit there. I just want so badly for Michaela to come home. The description Jaycee’s aunt gave of their reunion just keeps going through my head, and I want that. I don’t want to hear any bad news. I don’t want her to be gone. I want her to be here.

This is just my opinion, nothing based on anything I have heard, but I think that it’s not unlikely that Jaycee stayed with Garrido because of her daughters. Now I know that the bond between a mother and her children is much stronger than the bond between an adult child and her mother, even a mother who has been with her all her life. Could it be the same for Michaela? Could she even be reading my words and longing to come home, but perhaps be unwilling to leave children of her own? If so, please just contact me. Send me a letter or an e-mail. And believe me, we can make a way.

Yesterday I was on the Geraldo show on Fox News Network. I was really upset with one of the guests, an attorney who proclaimed that there could be no connection between Garrido and Michaela, because where is Michaela? That’s exactly the question, I wanted to tell her. Where is Michaela? Just because she wasn’t at Garrido’s doesn’t mean that she was never there, and it doesn’t mean that if she’s not there now that she can’t still be alive somewhere. The neighbors reported that there were a number of girls and men who came and went from the back yard. Who are they? Where are they?

My investigators are “cautiously optimistic” that this will lead to a resolution to our case. I would describe myself as “desperately hopeful.” But I have now become adamant, totally and completely adamant, that there is only one resolution I want. After all these many years of being fully prepared to hear the worst news, I am no longer prepared. I guess this is why people are always trying to keep me from getting my hopes up. But I don’t agree with them. I want to hope, even knowing its dangers. I want to believe. Michaela has become completely alive to me, and even while that causes my heart to break because I miss her so very, very much, it causes me to rejoice in the depth of that my love for her as well. I would have it no other way.

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  1. You are an amazing woman! I am a mother of two girls ages 8 and 11 and my heart aches for you. Your faith in God is truly an inspiration. Michaela will not be forgotten! Jaycee's return, I believe will help to solve other cases. Don't give up hope!God Bless, Lisa


  2. Hi Sharon. I hadn't heard much news in the past few days so I thought I'd check your blog. I'm in FL so if there is news of Michaela, it might not make the news here. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us and I remain hopeful and thinking positive thoughts that your prayers will be answered soon. I, too, am cautiouly optimistic and I have nothing to base it on but my belief that Jaycee's recovery will have a domino effect. A lot of unanswered questions still.


  3. Hi Sharon, My name is Gary Kostenko. I am a nephew of the late Barney Garecht. We used to live in Santa Rosa and would travel down to San Leandro when I was little my mom, Issy (Garecht)Kostenko & my dad Art. I remember those fun times visiting with them. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with you and your family and of course we to hope for closure of you very long ordeal. My email is if you ever have a chance to respond.All our love Issy Kostenko, Gary & Tina Kostenko & family.


  4. hi Sharon,dont listen to ppl who tell u otherwise.u have hope in ur heart & U r not giving up on finding Michaela.i read the news daily about this & i have the same hope in my heart as u..there r so many people who r with u on this.take care..


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