Age progressions of Michaela

I do not use age progressions of Michaela, and I ask other people not to use them either. I just don’t think they are accurate. There have been several done over the years, and they don’t look a lot like each other, which is a clue to begin with. Some of them have had features that just don’t appear anywhere in Michaela’s family. She has three full siblings, so there is a good point of comparison.

When the age progression is publicized, what happens is that good-hearted people who want to be helpful call our police department to tell them that they know someone who looks like the age progression. And you know that this is 99.9999999 percent unlikely to have anything at all to do with Michaela. Our police department does have a lot to investigate on Michaela’s case. They had a lot to investigate before Jaycee was found, and they have even more now. So it seems counterproductive for the police to be spending their time investigating calls that are unlikely to lead to a resolution in this case.

So if you are publicizing Michaela on your website, or in your newspaper or television show, please don’t use the age progression. I have a number of really good pictures of Michaela that you can use. It’s my ultimate hope that Michaela herself will see her photograph and recognize herself. Perhaps she has been told that we don’t want her, and she will be able to see that this is not true. I’ll see if I can put up a page of photos on Michaela’s website. Meanwhile, feel free to contact me at

Thank you.

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  1. I am so sad for you and yours and I hope that your heart can withstand the recent occurances and that the pain of your grief has softened some and if so you relinquish any guilt you might feel. Know that pain such as what you have suffered can over time cause many to lose both mind and body. I send you strength and pray that you all and especially Michaela, will have peace soon. Sincerely, Gemina


  2. Reading your story has opened my eyes to alot of things….There are no words that can express the loss of a child…I have 3 children and there is not a day that goes by that i dont have panic attacks in thoughts that something could happen to one of them..about 19 years ago I went thru a really ruff time in my life and I felt just like you did…why God let this happen to me how could he have done this and i too gave up on him and turned my back..and have pretty much felt the same up until I just read what u posted on your website…Im not sure what i will do from this point but I guess maybe it gave me a lil understanding in the things he does and doesnt do..I beleive in fate..and that saying everything happens for a reason i stand by…Im SO SO Sorry about what happened to your daughter and I hope that one day you find closure so your heart can rest…I will be thinkin about you along with the many other parents out here suffering with the loss of their child and no closure..I wish you the best of luck in hopes that michaela will come home…Ps. My daughters Name is also Mykayla…Loved that name since i was a small child…


  3. Sharon, you are a very brave and courageous woman. Do not give up hope because miracles do happen as we have seen with Jaycee Dugard. My prayers are with you. God bless and keep you in his care.


  4. Sharon,I follow many missing children cases because they impact me so profoundly. I have a special tenderness for kids and believe it to be so awful when they have to endure something that not even an adult can bear. I know your pretty girl very well and have seen her picture many times and read her story over the years. I am so sorry for what you have been through. Your strength and will to continue fighting for your child is just so admirable. Keep that hope alive because of cases like Elizabeth and Shawn and especially Jaycee. Sometimes, these kids come home and it's a miracle. I will continue praying that one day you will be reunited with your girl and wherever she is, she is alive and waiting for you to find her. Sending love and strength to you and your family.


  5. Hi SharonThe following website has what I think is meant to an age progression of Michaela.Your right, it doesn't really look like her. I mean all the features- nose, chin etc seem possibly right apart from the eyes- Michaela's eyes as a child were much rounder and bigger and this age progression has given her small eyes. So just thought I'd show you incase you didn't know.


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