Is there a connection? Hanging onto hope!

I received an e-mail a couple of days ago, from somebody I don’t know, and in England no less! There are so many details in the Jaycee case that it is difficult to get them all, and this had some details I hadn’t heard before. This information has been haunting me ever since. The e-mail mentioned an article from the Guardian in the UK, which was presumably lifted from the San Francisco Chronicle. I have tried to copy and paste part of the article here, but for some reason my blog will not allow me to do that. But I think you can see the article if you click here.

We have all heard about the neighbor who called authorities several years ago about what was going on in Garrido’s back yard. In this interview with the woman who called, she said there were several girls and young women in his back yard. Not just three, but several. They came and went, she said, but there was a core group that consisted of FIVE GIRLS. Two were very young, maybe four she said, and one was around 11, one around 15, and one about 25.

So that core group consisted of at least two girls in addition to Jaycee and her two daughters. This was a few years ago, so Jaycee’s daughters would have been younger. I don’t know whether they would have passed for four year olds, but probably wouldn’t have appeared to be fifteen year olds. At that time, the girls would have been 7 and 11, and might the 7-year old have looked like a younger child? As for the 15-year old, Jaycee’s mother has commented that Jaycee “looks very young.” She said she doesn’t look much different from the way she did the day she was kidnapped. She could easily have been the fifteen year old. So who would have been the 25-year old?

Could it have been Michaela? One of the key things the neighbor mentioned is that the girls “all looked the same,” and everyone has commented on the striking similarities between Jaycee and Michaela.

I read a newspaper article this morning that spoke of “false hopes.” I do note that the director of the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children came back with, “There’s no such thing as false hope.”

There are so many questions that have yet to be answered. Who are the other girls who were kept in the back yard? If some came and went, where did they come from and go to? It is a fact that the car in Garrido’s back yard matches the car that was used to kidnap Michaela.

I will admit that over the years I have hung onto every little shred of hope that has come along. Here, now, I have a shred that just might lead to Michaela coming home alive. But it isn’t an empty, desperate hope. Okay, it is desperate. I do quite desperately hope. But it’s not empty. It’s not without reason or basis. There are reasons for it. I believe in my investigators (who didn’t need this to light a fire under them because they were already boiling), and I just hope and pray that they will find cooperation as they try to get to the bottom of this.

Garrido actually appears to want to tell his story. Whatever manic or psychotic epiphany he has experienced over the last few months has made him want to bring everything into the light. I hope he holds nothing back.

Meanwhile, I’m just going to hang onto my hopes for all they’re worth, and maybe a bit more.

And once again, let me say, Michaela, if you are out there, come home! And if you are a person who knows where she is, please tell us!

You can reach me immediately by sending me an e-mail at I get them on my phone and my phone is always with me. You can leave a voicemail message also, at 510-995-7085. This phone is rarely answered, but its voicemails go to my cell phone also, so I get them quickly and I will call you back.


Sharon Murch
Michaela’s mom

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  1. Hello, I have been reading about your daughters case, and your blog and I would just like to say I admire your courage and your strength. I am only a college student, just going into the world at large. I havent gone through much trauma in my life, and I thought just moving into my dorm was one of the hardest things Ive ever done. But the hope you have after the hardship you have gone through, and the feeling and love with which you speak is truly uplifting, and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you can find your daughter. I, too, have read about Laycee Dugard and it truly is remarkable. Its similar to the case in Austria, where that man kept his daughter in his basement for over 20 years. If these girls could be found and rescued then I believe there is hope that your Michaela can be found, just like them. And I truly hope that she will be the next one. I also want to thank you for the book you wrote on child saftey. In the scary world we live in, any bit of help and guidance that could help stop a horrible crime from occuring is another possible life saved. So thank you very much. I will say a prayer for you and Michaela tonight. Continue to stay strong!Sincerely, Michelle Marie


  2. I remember when Michaela went missing. I was a sophomore in high school and was fairly shaken up. It was the first time I'd been aware of a child abduction, and I'd been small and blonde at Michaela's age, so she reminded me of myself, and it rocked my belief that any of us were truly safe from such such evil. I'd grown up in Santa Cruz County and had many friends and relatives in the Bay Area who discussed the case. Michaela's face was on our local news every night for ages. I prayed for her return. As the years went by, and technology improved, I would occasionally Google Michaela just to see if there was any news on her case. It always seemed so 'unfinished' to me, I've always believed there would be some sort of conclusion to this case, that someday you'd get the information you need.When I heard that Jaycee had been found, I immediately began Googling her abductor to see when he was released from prison and comparing it with the day Michaela was abducted. I even compared the descriptions of the vehicles in both cases. I firmly believe this man knows what happened to Michaela. It's just too coincidental and I don't believe in coincidence. My prayers are with you. I hope you have answers soon. Nothing is impossible. Miracles happen everyday.


  3. Sharon, I have prayed for Michaela every night for as long as I can remember. I was only 3 when she was taken, and according to my mother I saw the story on the news and told my mom I was going to pray for her until her mommy wasn't crying anymore. And I have prayed for her every single night. (And Jaycee, actually. I remember when she was taken, right before I turned 5…) I have prayed for them both and I will continue to do so. Your strength amazes me. Hang onto that hope. Nothing is impossible, Jaycee only proves that even further. While her healing begins, she has placed hope into the hearts of parents of abducted children everywhere. Hang onto that Hope. -Lissy


  4. This is so sad to hear. I really wish you find your daughter! And i belive that you will, one day she will be there.Keep beliveing, and Michaela will be home!- L from Norway


  5. Thank you, Dear Sharon, for sharing your heart with us. You have been on my mind since I found out about you through the media a week ago. My heart hurts for you every time I think about what you have gone through. I am only 7 years older than your daughter, and now, raising my own children, I am so fiercely protective. Thanks to your story, and Jaycee's its another reminder WHY we need to be so cautious with the freedoms we give them. As well, It makes me hold my own children that much closer to my heart. I have been praying for Michaela's safe return, and will continue to do so. Blessings to you and your family.


  6. I remember that day michaela went missing so clearly as if it were yesterday. Katie and I walking around the neigbor hood thinking we will find her.It was sereal and somber feeling that day. Being at that store 20 minutes before she was kidnapped thinking if only I could of been there to tell her don't get the scooter. Now having a 13 year old daughter myself being over protecitve and praying for the lord to keep her safe everyday. Then seeing the news and praying for closure for you and your family. Melinda


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